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So my favourite “type” of film is first person. I love them and over the years have researched and found some that were released at cinema, and others that I have never heard of. These are the ones I have found so far. I have ordered them in order of the ones I like the most. Number 1 being the best!

I wished there were more first person films, however people are seeming to just “copy” existing ideas with things like monsters / zombies which is abit shite. COME UP WITH SOME NEW IDEAS DAMN YOU!!

troll 1. TROLL HUNTER – This in my eyes is the best 1st person film yet. The reason is due to how it takes into consideration real life, and clever how it makes out that Trolls do live amongst us.  The story line is something that has not been done before oh and the end Troll are amazing graphics! The scenes are both gripping and intense.  It is in sub titles, however the acting and camera work actually makes this seem real.




VHS2. VHS – This film was one of few that actually scared me. Its about a group of lads who are paid to go into this mans house in the middle of nowhere to steal a VHS tape. They get there and one by one view a VHS tape as there are shit loads of them all over the place, only to find that they are tapes of paranormal shit thats happend to people. Each tape has a different story and monster / ghost story. I wont give away too much, however the first VHS they see is defernately the scariest. All ill say is “I LIKE YOU!”. I loved the concept of this as theres lots of paranormal stuff happening – not just one thing like most films.



CLOVERFIELD3. ClOVERFIELD – The reason I like this film is because it makes you ask yourself what would it be like if a huge monster broke loose in your major city? how would you survive? Where would you go etc.  I almost felt sorry for the characters as didn’t matter where they go, the monster seems to find them. Very gripping scenes and again makes you feel its real.  The scene when he first attacks a ship, is where I could relate to the most.




THE BAY 4. THE BAY – Me and Bec found this on a dodgy streaming video site.  It is actually really good. Its about these parasite little virus things that infect people and their insides get eaten out. It effects an entire town. All this is captured via various people with their cameras, giving that first person view a more believable viewing.  This is great as there’s so ridiculous zombies, or  bad effect monsters etc. This is possibly a story that could actually happen.




UNAWARE 5. UNAWARE – This film is the one where people had the biggest debate over. There are no signs of actors or cast on the net making people think it was real life footage. Basically a couple go stay at their Uncles place who has a huge farm. His not there and they go look in his barn only to find some Roswell stuff from the Uncles Army days. Then shit goes down.  I have to say it is quite realistic and due to it being dark and fast movement on the camera, the CGI is questionable as to if its real.



a map for saturday 6. A MAP FOR SATURDAY –  Since im into travelling I scooped around for good travelling films and came across this. This is a documentary style film following a backpacker around the world. It is hugely interesting, and you get to see the views of other back packers and see some great sites. Its very realistic as its not always good that happens to him!. This film is hard to get hold of as only sold on one site.





7. THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT – This in my opinion was what started the whole “first person” style shooting. The whole “3 teens went missing and we found their tapes” had people questioning whether this was real or not. Clearly not real, however the way it was filmed made it seem real. The great thing about this is that you never see the “WITCH” therefore your imagination takes over  using only sounds that you hear to create her image.





8. GRAVE ENCOUNTERS – This features a crew of physics and experts going into an abandoned mental home to investigate its hauntings. We can all relate to programmes such as “MOST HAUNTED” etc, so its nice that someone came up with the idea of “what if something actually did happen during their investigations?”. The effects are scary and there are lots of jumpy moments. Only downfall is its ending which is still debateable.



9. EVIDENCE – This film follows a group of teens into the wilderness camping. They happen to accidently film this this weird looking creature out there and then all hell breaks loose. The idea was cool to begin with, and the fact that you never really see the “monster” for more than 2 seconds is great as again leaves it up to your imagination, however its ending is shite… and has been copied by other films. Shame really.



craigslist 10. CRAIGSLIST JOE – This film is real. Its more for those who wish to travel so kinda simliar to A Map For Saturday. CRAIGSLIST is a  site for selingl things on it, and find out whats going on in local areas etc. It follows a guy whos task it was to live a month completely off Craigslist going from one side of North America to the other. He has no food, no money..nothing. He literally has  to use craigslist to get free lifts to places, attend activities etc.  The only reason I havent rated it as high as the others is because although it was interesting to watch, it wasnt as fun  as the others.  My hat goes off to the main guy Joe tho. Fair play!



PARA 11. PARANOMAL ACTIVITY – This  involves a couples house being haunted and strange things go on around the house, so they decide to film the house so they can try and “capture” it.  This is a great film and one that most people can relate too as they too have had “ghost like” experiences. I like it as you have to use your imagination as you never really see what it is that’s haunting them.. But it does half sound nasty!! Grrr. Only issue is that it does go on abit too long.



TAPES 12. THE TAPES – Ok this films follows 3 teens in a quest to film a big brother style audition tape only to stumble across a group of Devil worshippers in the middle of know where.  Now fair play for the idea as its again something you can relate to in terms of audition tapes etc.. This film could have been better. It kinda copied Blair Witch in terms of “these tapes were found” etc. . And is a shame the ending wasn’t better.




AREA 407 13. AREA 407 – This film is similar to “EVIDENCE”. It features a load of people in a plane who crash in a place that’s  controlled by army people.  I liked the plane scene etc as I can relate to it.  Once they crash they are hunted by what seems to be a Velociraptor.  They make several references to it being a Dinosaur which then makes you question – WTF? Why? How? Unfortunately these questions are never answered which again like Evidence is shite!




REC 14. REC – Sorry but isnt this just the film Quarantine? Emergency services running around the building after receiving a stress call. They then stumble across infected people who attack them. There you go that’s the film, not a fat lot else happens.




QUARANTINE 15. QUARANTINE –  This film is just like REC. Same story only different people in it. It has a few unanswered questions to it, but to be honest I couldn’t really care as it was a shite film.  I think the whole “ZOMBIE” theme has been done too many times now.


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