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The Drink, The “Crack”, The Amazing Bands – My Trips To Dublin!

This place is precious to me as I first met my girlfriend in Gogherty’s dressed as the Grim Reaper, witnessed the craziness of Halloween celebrations,  had a Guinness painted on my face for Arthur’s Day, drank Guinness in the Guinness Factory, became a viking and Roared at people in a Viking Tank, snuck Kalpaki lager into the hostel, saw amazing Irish bands and found GOGHERTYS!!!  [ read more]

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Bratislava Visit – Where the film “Hostel” was based

Bratislava – Ate sausages with Chicks printed on them, witnessed the local mafia and their cars, drank 1 euro beer that gave us all the shites all holiday, saw locals dirnk vodka at breakfast,  witnessed how they don’t have locks on their doors in pubs and managed to find the “man in the hole” statue.  [read more]

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My Trip To Benidorm As An Extra

Benidorm – Appeared on the famous “Benidorm” show as an extra, ate fry-ups at 3pm, went drinking with the cast and crew of the Benidorm show, Saw the man who rides a very tall bike, witnessed my Dad have a panic attack in a submarine and sang karaoke.  Saw the famous Sticky Vicky reveal items from her “secret hiding place” and drank 1 euro a pint Fosters. Read all about it here.. 

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