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My Time In Queenstown

IMG_3984I ate Bambi giant burgers, jumped over gym balls  and rooms full of balloons in the Odessey sensory Maze, had a drink next to a tree with speakers built into it and of course witnessed the beautiful scenery surrounding this place. Loved Queenstown (read here)

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Seeing Seals, Albatross, Sealions and Penguins in the wild – Dunedin

IMG_3815I’d always wanted to see wildlife in their natural habitat and Dunedin seemed to be one of the places to do this. We saw Seals on the rocks, got about a meter away from Sea Lions on the beach and witnessed the rarest  penguin in the world come in from the sea and walk to his home [read here]

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Lord Of The Rings Tour – Where I became Legolas (Wellington)

DSCN0219So our next stop in New Zealand was Wellington aka the home of alot of the scenes filmed in Lord Of The Rings. The tour included sights such as Helms Deep and lunch at Rivendell. We got to be wizards and I became the bow n arrow hero better known as Legolas (read here)

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Finding a waterfall n pool at 40 degrees in a random forest – Rotorura

IMG_3546So cruising outside of Rotorura we come across a place called “Kerosene Creek”. Down a dirt road path revealed a cool stream that then led to a waterfall and pool that was naturally hot due to the underground thermal activity. It was like having your own hot tub in a river! Wild Swimming at its best! (read here)

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Polynesian Spa + Thermal Underground in Rotorura

IMG_3352Whilst in Rotoura it was time for a Polynesian Spa in the private rockpool over looking the lake. It was hot, cool scenery and relaxing . It was then time for erupting Geysers and volcanic activity at the Wai – O -Tapu thermal wonderground – WOW (read here)

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A Maori Evening In Rotorura

IMG_3429So after working in Tauranga, it was now time to explore more of New Zealand. Our next stop was Rotorura where we experienced many things…one of which was a Maori evening of sticking out tongues, chants and a forest with games. It was time to participate in the famous “Maori” dance done at rugby games etc (read here)

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Living, Working and Enjoying Tauranga (New Zealand)

DSCN1118Living in Tauranga for around 3 months was rather cool. We got jobs as cleaners and I was Nightwarden in the hostel meaning we had the best room in the place and got to save money for our travels. We then experienced Kiwi Picking along with cool activities such as Glow Worms and Hobbiton. Here is our time in Tauranga/New Zealand [read here]

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Kiwi Picking In Tauranga – New Zealand

IMG_2969So it was time to stop off in Tauranga in New Zealand to get some more cash.  Kiwi picking was the way forward…2 months later I have been bitten, rained on, lower back problems, purchased a new cowboy hat and been a sweaty betty in my clothes. Heres my story of my kiwi picking experience (read here)

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