2nd Tattoo – Time to get creative!

Time it took: 5.5 hours

Tattoo Artist: Spike (Spikes HQ Tattoo Studio, Wigan, UK)

Cost: £200

So once again it has taken me several months to decide what I want. I have finally decided to go with my right forearm as I just think its a cool place to have one 🙂

So what the hell am I going to have? So I start thinking about other things that I like (and also things I dont mind on my arm when im old and crumbly). Music springs to mind. I have nothing on me yet that represents 50s rock n roll, so how about a mic?

I google ideas of 50s mic tattoos and before you know it ive come up with a design.

I want 50s Mic, music notes behind it and 4 leaf clovers to represent my Irish side (plus I love Irish music! I then decide that I need a quote. Something to do with music. I look online and stumble across lots of music quotes however there is one that kept sticking in my mind. This was my chosen one

“Music is the soundtrack of your life” – I loved it.

I am a great believer that you can judge someone’s character by the music they listen too and if someone was to present me with a CD of music someone I had never met liked… I would be able to get a good sense as to who they are as a person.

So with the basic ideas I then send them off to my trusty bud Spike (who did my last tattoo). This guy is amazing at putting stuff together and to top it off Im a great fan of his shading!

So all booked in I travel to Wigan and get there for 11am. Spike puts the stencil on my arm and then tells me to lie down on my front. With my arm out at the side, Spike gets to work!

Now I really like the pain a tattoo gives you (this could be because i’m fortunate to have had tattoos in places that don’t hurt or maybe im sadistic!)

I hadn’t felt the feel of a tattoo gun on my arm for long time. The forearm is actually ok, however the wrist bit does kill. It feels like the needles going into your pulse which aint nice – but the rest is fine.

I actually found the pain that relaxing I fell asleep twice…however I also am one of those people who sometimes wakes themselves up by jumping…unfortunately I did this twice but luckily didn’t affect the Tatt!

After 5.5 hours of chatting to Spike about rock n roll, muscle cars n America the tattoo was almost done. Spike asked if I wanted to have finishing touches with white ink, so I said why not.

Again like last time the bits that killed was towards the end when Spike had to rub over the scarred tissue over and over again to clean it.

It was finally done. Spike once again had done an amazing job with the shading on the microphone. It was that good I thought I could actually pick the microphone up – so realistic! His shading had once again impressed the hell out of me.

Looking down my arm I can now see things that help sum me up as a person. I love it!

I am already planning my extension of this one on the top of the arm now as eventually this will go into a sleeve.

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