The place in general

The smell of wood burning, dredlocks n beards everywhere you look, oh and beautiful mountains – that’s Queenstown! Queenstown is beautiful. People had mentioned this place to us before and when we got there we could see why. It’s basically a smallish town in the middle of mountains and a lake, We felt safe in everywhere we went in New Zealand however Queenstown is so safe. You walk around and everyone looks like a lumberjack or a typical backpacker. Everyone is friendly here and it seems the town is just full of people here for the extreme sports and great activities you can do. We felt so comfortable here! Everywhere you look there are mountains surrounding you.  Some with Snow on top. The lake is really nice too. There are plenty of bars and not pricey ones either. Average around $5 a pint.

The Weather

We were there at the end of May and it was rainy, windy and snowy.

Odyssey Sensory Maze

Price: $29pp

Duration: 30 mins

As we walked threw Queenstown center we noticed this place on the right. Its reception alone invites you in as it features a huge white tunnel. We had read about the reviews on this place so had to try it out.

So we get to reception. The guy talks us threw abit about the maze. He then asks for our valuables (ok fair enough I guess), he then asks us to put this “Mickey Mouse” style gloves on (ok abit more weirder) then finally asks us to take off our shoes (what the???) so at this point we no this is no “ordinary” maze. We wait in the hall way until the green light comes on as they don’t like too many groups going in at the same time. We walk in and straight away its dark. This maze its the best i’ve ever been in. The first thing we came to was a room full of huge gym balls with elastic wires at the entrance…it wasn’t long until we figured out shit we have to climb over those feckers to get to the other room. Getting threw the elasticate wires were hard enough lol, and then we were falling all over the place over the balls (great fun)…we then hit other rooms such as a room full of balloons (that was fun) and a mirror maze, a walk threw jungle in the dark (that was weird as you walked threw leaves n bushes) n then a room where the floor is like your on metal rods…this maze was so cool. Its one of those that you wished would have been longer really as it is so much fun!

Fear Factory

So little id we know the the infamous “Fear Factory” with their “chicken counts” had a branch here in in Queenstown. Said to be the scariest haunted house in the world along with the one in Niagra. We walked up the stairs with scary pictures on the wall and then were greeted by our receptionist. She was really cool and had a fake horrible eye. She explained that if you get scared at any point then call out “chicken” and everything stops and she comes and gets you. Me n Bec went in on our own. We waited for the green light to show then off we went. When inside your told to follow the little red lights to help guide you as its pitch black in there. Now when we first went in it wasnt long until I could hear someone behind me. He touched my ankles and hair and whispered stuff in my ear. You have the whole usual actors running out at you etc. Ive been on these kinda things before. To be honest it wasnt scary at all. The good bits are when you have to crouch down and crawl threw tunnels and thew chains – now that is a cool idea and different to other haunted houses ive been in as you have to try and concentrate on what your doing, however it just didnt do it for me…I found there was too much wandering around in the dark and not much happened. Needless to say we didnt call chicken so we got ourselves some bracelets to show we were survived!!


Harrys Pool Bar

This place is by Xbase backpackers hostel and Buffalos etc. Its a bar with lots of pool tables and  a seating area with a log fire. The vibe is similar to kinda a weatherspoons at home. Its $5 a drink and $5 a wine. Music played here is great as its old and new indy style so Greenday etc.


We found this place by wondering around. Its in a back alley next to Joes Garage Restaurant. The first thing I noticed was the smoking area as its like your in a jail. It looked so cool so we had to go inside. As you can probably tell by the name its all to do with cowboys / western. You walk in and theres cows, bulls, skulls , horse wear everywhere. Its great. Theres even pistols on the ceiling. Its cheap in here too at $5 a beer you cant complain. There are 2 open fires too which make it look cool. The mechanical bull in the corner seems like it would get alot of attention when busy too.

“The Find” bar

This bar was found by pure chance. We were walking threw Queenstown on our first day and just so happened to look up. We saw a courtyard with trees n plants in it and it looked almost like a “secret garden” kinda bar. We walked up there and the first thing you notice is the picture of Bill Murray lol. Dangling teapots all around the place are some of the cool decorations. To top it all off the beer was only $6. The courtyard area is small however features a tree in the corner with speakers built on it (yes speakers) they were old speakers that had been restored and attached to kinda like a small juke box thing.. I love bars like this that are quirky n different! We later came back here in the night to meet people we had met in our hostel in Tauranga.

“The Redrock” bar

I liked this bar as its got a cool fire thing in the middle of the table outside that you can stand around..and it has bricks as walls which anyone who knows me knows I like this kinda shite. Nice relaxed atmosphere here too.

Slice Pizza

Now this may be an ordinary looking takeaway however they do the best pizzas. Me n Bec went there all the time. I had the meat lovers pizza which was rammed with meat like sausage and bacon etc. It only costs $10.50 for a medium! Well worth it!



Looking at the net for things to do in Queenstown, this “Fergburger” kept cropping up all over the place. We had walked past it many times and it seemed small however always busy. We decided to go with the hostel crew from Tauranga. Straight away when looking at the menu you can see why its popular. Theres like a million types of burgers and they all seem nice. I had “Little Bambi” burger which was deer. I was tempted by the “Bun Laden” however theres always next time. On average a burger will cost about $12.50 each and when they call your order in…boy are they big! They are so nice. Everyone enjoyed it here. I only had to eat one burger and I was bloody full I tell ya! Deffo recommend this place.


Cookie Time

This place is really cool. You walk in and notice theres just cookie stuff everywhere. You can purchase cookies for like 5 for $10 OR you can have  special style ones. I had the cookies and icecream. They were freshly baked and it was lovely. You could spend a lot of money in here… if i had a cup of tea id probably be in here along time!

The Tiki Trail

This is basically for those wanting to walk to the top where the Gondulas go too. You start at the bottom by the Gondula. It was actually quite wet when I did it so I found it tough in some places. The walk started off reasonable, but due to it being wet and muddy there is a stage where your walking up a steep hill with only rocks n dirt as grip so you can imagine how slippery that can be. When your about half way up you encounter really tall trees. You know there tall because not only do they look it, but its also very dark all of a sudden. I walked up the trail and when you get to this stage the ground is alot better as its kinda like a road. This then led me to the top. Took me about 1.5 hours to get to the top. The view was deffo worth it. The worse part is that at the top the Gondula temps you with a sign saying $16 for the trip down…however I thought no, although im sweaty and wet I will save my $16 n walk down lol

The walk down was alot easier as the road bit you can run down. It only took me about 30-45 mins to walk down it…however saying that it was tough when I came to that rocky bit again due to no grip and slippery ground.

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