Bryan Adams In Concert!

Now Bryan Adams has been kinda like a rocker / popstar hero of mine and Bobs for a while now. Whenever were pissed we tend to sing Summer of 69 rather alot – this includes Kareoke!

When I heard he was coming to town I had to book us tickets.  My Dad like alot of his stuff too so we invited Dad along.

The price of the tickets were £47 each.

We got to the NEC where we cued for abit, then got a few bevies down us.

Now I had managed to get us Block 1 seats  at the back. These were right next to the stage. They were the last 3 any where near the front.

We had a warm up photo all excited

Then on he came at 8pm. He had a shaved head. He started banging out all the hits. Some we knew some we didn’t.

The song that had the entire crowd going crazy was our favourite – Summer of 69! People got up and were going mental over it – it was great.

Bryan Adams voice is amazing. Considering how old he must be now he pelts out all those notes youve heard in your younger years. He is amazing. Love that crockey voice.

Our seats were great as they were just to the side of the stage.









One of his songs he got everyone to turn on the lights on their phones and use them kinda like cigarette lighters at concernts where you sway them to the lyrics. The crowd looked amazing with all their phones – lights everywhere

This was a great experience as who knows how long he will be touring for. Really enjoyed it!


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