About me

IMG_8046My name is Joe Healy. The reason I am called Joey the Explorer is due to me liking to explore the world.  Some of my highlights so far are:

  • Drinking  Steins at Oktoberfest,
  • Rolling down a hill in a huge ball full of water,
  • Attacked ZOMBIES as they tried to pin me to the floor at Zombie Bootcamp.
  • Ate food in complete darkness in the famous “Dining in the dark” restaurant London.
  • Appeared as an extra in the ITV series “Benidorm” with actors such as Tim Healy, Steve Pemberton and Crissy Rock.
  • Attended mass at the Vatican.
  • Hung off the side of the tall Sky Tower in New Zealand
  • White Water Rafting in a Tropical Thunderstorm in Thailand


I am a keen explorer and have recently been lucky to have backpacked around USA, New Zealand and Asia from November 2013 – July 2014.  If you would like to know more about this trip then please click on the banner below.

Backpacking adventure banner

This site has been constructed around all the things that I want to / have done with my life. I am shite at spelling / grammar. I should relay wrok on thsi (haha), however I really cant be arsed and it hasn’t effected me yet so blah!


I am one of those people who never wants to look back at a year and be able to say “ive done hardley anything this year”. I also have a memory of a goldfish, so this site is a great way of reminding me what i’ve done and when :).

My view has caused me to be very active with my travels and experiences over the last few years.

In my younger years I got to go to many “beach resorts” and “party islands” and you will not find them featured on this site. The reason being is because there all near enough the same (beach , sun, drink).

The places ive been that are not featured on this site are:

Beach / family holidays: Florida, Menorca, Majorca, Spain, South of France, Crete, Gran Canaria, Cyprus x 2, Newquay,

Clubbing holidays include: Ibiza, Malaga, Zante, Playa De Las Americas (Teneriffe), Marmaris (Turkey) and Aya Naipa,

I love Sausages and to this date no make can beat GILLS SAUSAGES!! oh yeeaaaaah.  I’m really into cars – I’ve owned sports cars such as the 106 GTI, RX8 and Astra VXR Turbo. I love muscle cars and I really hope to own a 1969 Boss 428 in America.

People often ask me “how do you find all these weird experiences / places to go”, I just answer them by saying “by looking online ” lol – it really is that simple. If you are passionate about experiencing new things, then its not hard to find them. Use Google to your advantage :).  BREAK THAT BUBBLE THAT YOU LIVE IN – AND EXPERIENCE THE MILLIONS OF THINGS THAT LIFE HAS TO MAKE YOU FEEL HAPPY!!



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