Mappy n Skelly

Picture1Mappy and Skelly is the name me and my girlfriend have given each other. How the hell did you come up with that name I hear you shout? Well when we first got together we had a phase of watching Louis Theroux. One episode featured him in Johannsberg where he found out about 2 tribes. One called the Skellums and one called the Mapogoes. From this moment we thought they were intersting names so chose them 🙂 We have simply shortend them to Mappy and Skelly. I’m Mappy, Bec is Skelly.

We met in Dublin on Halloween. She went with her mates i went with mine. I was dressed as the Grim Reaper and Bec was dressed as an injured lady with a dash in her head. She was waiting at the bar on her own (we still dont dont know why) and I decided to let my mates walk on as I stood behind her. As she turned around she said “Hello” in a sexy voice and from there we began to talk about all sorts. It wasnt long until I found out she had a passion for travelling too and was soon to be going to New York on her own for a few months backpacking – I thought how cool is this girl! Her friend Kerry came to drag her away from me as they were going, so she gave me a kiss. . . then she came back to me after 5 seconds saying that actually they werent going until a few minutes – in which we kissed again.  She didnt give me her number as she didnt have her phone (likely excuse I thought) so I grabbed her facebook. It actually turned out she was telling the story about her phone and we got chatting later on and thats how we ended up how we are now!

Both of us have been on many adventures together over the last few years and it was only right to dedicate a section of my blog to us to show all the cool things we do together :). We will continue to do crazy and cool activities and are constantly asked “where do you guys find out about these places / activities   – its simple – We think outside the box and research whats unique in the world and do it. Its amazing what unique / unheard of things there are in the world – it only takes a little research and its well worth it.

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The banners beneath are some of the cool stuff we have done together so feel free to click them to find out more 🙂

aqua dublin stone




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