I started photograhpy in 2011. I decided to get a good camera that was capable of good images and really good Zoom.

I opted for the Canon SX30 as its Optical zoom of 35mm attracted me especially how clear the image was even when fully zoomed in from a long distance away.

Some images have been edited…I have certain ideas in my head at the time and try to capture them.. not really sure what im looking for until i see it .

Ive recently become a fan of “timeline” photos (not correct term just what i refer to them as). Where a series of pictures are placed together to show movement.

My next few projects I want to do are:

  • Rustick black and white shoot with a 1969 Ford MUSTANG Boss
  • Max power style shoot
  • Black and white shot of Sunny dressed as a blues player – again rustic look
  • A series of images combined to show movement
  • Glass Ball Shots


2015 – Life Through A Glass Ball Project

Heres some of the images I have taken so far through my glass ball. I love the whole black and white background with the image in the globe as colour. I like the thought of images that you want to stare at for more than a few seconds.  I really like the shots I have done so far. Sometimes I dont even know what Im going to get until Im there.


Year 2013 – 2014

So with me new camera I decided to do a mixture of black and white rustic style shots and shots representing movement / lifestyle.  You will see here how I like to change certain parts into black and white to try and stir the image up abit more.


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