Aqua Zorbing

Ok so imagine getting into a giant ball with water in it and then people push that ball down the hill with you in it..thats AQUA ZORBING.

We arrived and had to fill out some paperwork. Straight away we saw the transport carrier for the giant ball.

Before we got in we actually noticed that there were flyers and a tv screen setup showing that Zorbing was actually a sport.. how strage!

We were ready to get in the ball, but not before the guys put buckets of water in it.

Water in now all we need to do is get in!. The method of getting into the ball is simple…you take a run up to the ball and dive threw the little hole into the water! Bec did it and got stuck in the hole haha so naturally i had to touch her bum and push her in (any excuse to touch the bum).  I of course made  a perfect run up and jump into the hole lol.

Once in , we sat in the water and linked arms whilst the guy placed the pug in the hole..only to wait for them to push us down this giant hill. Heres the video.

The only way i can explain this is like your in a washing machine. As although you link arms its easy to “unlink”. Imagine water splashing all around you and you have no idea what way your facing.. the water does however stop you going upside down alot which is good. After 30 seconds the adrenaline is pumping and you wait for the guy to come down and unplug and get you out!

Such an amazing experience  and we were absolutely soaked – as you can see in the picture.

Only wished i could go up and down in that ball 50 times in a day! Id probably be sick or be dizzy for a week but it would be sooooo worth it!

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