Stone Henge

Stone Henge is literally in the middle of no where!

I begged Bec for ages to go with me as she always just referred them as “a load of rocks in a field”..but i tried to explain its one of those places you just gotta go too!

So eventually we got there. Cued up and got one of those talking guide things where press certan buttons at certan spots and it tells you about it.

We arrived and straight away there they were! Here i am acting as thow im talking to the man on the device that talks to you about the Stones.


After walking around the rocks and listening to the man on the speaker..Me and Bec only wanted to know one thing about those rocks…



Now i understand those who read this may come back at this qwuestions and say “no one knows thats why punk ass”..but seriously how long have we been studying them now and still we dont have a more favourable answer?


Anyhows we got some good pics..oh and managed to get one of those cool pics where it looks as thow your pushing the rock – sorry just had to be done!



Anyhows overall learnt abit about the rocks and had some great pictures taken.

If you ask me why I think they are placed there id simply say it may have been an old building  where only the supports are left on display today. What they did in that building i dont know..maybe played Jenga? Twister?


Anyhows heres the cute picture!


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