Cabin with Hot-Tub

Me and Bec thought we would book early in the year for a cabin as it was a hell of alot cheaper than normal. We paid £290 for a 3 night stay in February at a place called Ashlea Pools in Shropshire!

Anyways got there on the Friday and it was forecasting snow..but luckily when we arrived it was clear blue skies.  We arrived to this:



The cabin featured 2 rooms both with on – suite.  It had its own living area with flatscreen tv and dvd player for watching Jeremy Kyle and BIG Questions!

I had a look around by the lake and witnessed some ducks walking on water!! Yes water!! (well maybe it was frozen over but still looked cool)


We had stocked up at Aldi beforehand with beers, food etc.

Stocked the fridge up. It wasn’t long until we wanted to get in that Hot Tub.  Now both me and Bec had decided to make our own drinking games. Bec created one where you pick out of a hat. You had to hum that tune stated on the piece of paper. If your partner doesnt guess the tune you take a shot! We sessioned on apple soars, Beers and Wine. That night was very messy involving me falling into the hot tub at night after the millionth time to the toilet.


Next day I we woke to this:


Snow bloody everywhere…. But this did have its advantages as although we couldn’t do much in the day, it did mean I could experience the hot tub whilst it was snowing! Since the hot tub didn’t have any canopy etc I would be snowed on whilst in the hot tub..which strange as it sounds I still wanted to experience it so I did. Bec also joined me in the day . Your bottom half was scorching hot and the top half was cold and just felt the snowflakes landing on your face – was a great experience. Oh and at night I managed to build a snowelf called Wilfred i think.  I also made a heart for Bec.


Woke up in the morning had a cup of tea with biscuits then Bec decided to cook me one of her fryups featuring wedges and cheese on top of everything else! We ate this at the right time as the BIG QUESTIONS came on TV.. whoop whoop.

The snow had stopped last night and started to melt today. We then went in search for the nearest bar. It was 4 miles away. We found it.. I decided to leave a part of us there. We were sitting on these couches with a chest as a table. I decided to use one of my mints, carve our initials into it then place it into the chest. I wonder who will find this? If you visit the Lion pub in Shropshire go around the back, walk in the back entrance, continue to walk and keep looking right. You will then see the chest .

After a few drinks we headed back to the cabin and straight into the hot tub to play my game.

These were the props.

This game was a mixture between ring of fire and 118 fancy dress. You have a deck of cards, each take it in turns to pic a card from the top. Dependant on what card you picked up from the pack determins what you do next.  The non picture cards were things like take a shot, answer a question about the other person from the hat. The main picture cards involved you dressing up.

1st picture card = put on the wig ad make a rule – my rule to Bec was that she had to kiss Drake the duck (the plug to the hot tub) before she picked up a card.

2nd picture card = put on the shades and make a rule

3rd picture card = put on sweatband and make a rule.

4th picture card = put on shorts

5th picture card = put on 118 sign around your neck

This was a great game, however there was so much steam from the hot tub that we had no choice than to get rid of shades (cuz we couldnt see), and to get ride of wigs as it was way too hot! Once again a messy night but no falling in hot tub.

The park we stayed at was Ashlea Parks in Shropshire. Overall great clean cabin but no onsite pub which means you gotta drive 4 miles until you get to one!

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