Cheeserolling – Stroud

So Cheese Rolling is the event that happens every year in Stroud.

It was originally banned due to accidents caused here, however now it still goes on “unofficially”.

People from all over the world come here and witness people wait for the “GOUCESTER CHEESE” to be chucked down the hill, only to then have lots of people run down the hill after it.

Now whats entertaining about that i hear you say? Well this hill is steep.. as in VERY steep therefore imagine yourself running down a huge steep hill.. you really think you will keep your balance all the way down?

People gambole, flip, jump, run, side turn allsorts down this hill and is rather entertaining. The Rugby team then catches them at the bottom and the first one down wins. 🙂

Now theres about 5 races which consist of 3 mens, 1 womens and the kids one (the kids one they run up the hill and dont chase cheese as making them run down is just wrong 🙂

So heres the Hill and me and Bec standing next to it.


The Rugby team at the bottom

After people have ran down there are casualties…

and whoever the winner is gets to hold up the Gloucester cheese and smile to the local press 🙂


To get an idea as to what the event is like.. I have recorded it all !!!


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