Driving a Porsche GT 2

Now im a great fan of Porsches. In my old job my Boss was a young chap who loved Porsches. He owned the GT 2 and GT 3. He actually preferred the GT 2.

Whilst working in one of my old jobs, my Boss decided to put an incentive together.

Person with the most sales would get to drive his Porsche GT 2 Turbo around Donnington Race course.

As soon as i heard this I had to win it. I tried so hard and eventually managed to get top sales that month.

The following week we cruised down to Donnington in his Porsche GT 2 Turbo.

We arrived and had safety briefing and then rented me a helmet as he already had one. We fueled up and he got me to drive out of the parking spot and onto the track which was difficult enough as i could hardely move my head around and had to reverse and couldnt see where i was Bloody going. Didnt wana dent his £30,000 + car.

Eventurally we got onto the track. He took me around a few times then let me drive it around arounr 10 – 20 laps. It was awsome and soooo quick! We were given 2-3 flags and told not to floor it too much at certan points as the car was so loud. Donnington had a noise restriction on that if over a certan amount of decimals they can force to get off the track.

We had lots of other cars on the track too. The likes of Lotus Elise, BMWs, a Porsche GT3 and Toyota mr2.

Heres a small video I took.

It was a great evening out and really will never forget it. Such a great experience. The following month he ran the same incentive, i wasnt that bothered now since id already done it and my mate won.. he actually ended up spinning the car off the track and causing over £3,000 damage to the car. It was lucky i won the first time as doubt he would have done the incentive again if someone had crashed it the first time 😉

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