Getting my 1st Tattoo

Well this is something ive wanted now for the last year.

It took me ages to come up with the final design.

I wanted something unique to me and not something that everyone else has. At first my ideas were things like Compasses, aeroplanes , ships etc to represent my passion for travelling – but they were too plain for me. . so back to the drawing board I went.

Now looking online, I couldn’t find a suitable design for a compass. They all looked too boring, so my thoughts went elsewhere.

I contacted my sister’s Husband who loved to draw and he said he could help out with the design. Now I sent him an idea which was like a scroll and I told him liked Mustangs, travelling and music and he came up with a great idea.

This was his design which was great! He did originally place a cassette tape where the keyboard was which was supposed to represent that I was from the 80s, however I wanted something like an instrument there as I love to play keyboard / piano so this is why the keyboard was there as it’s the first instrument I learnt.  Ignore the music notes in this pic – that was me who drew them on.


So with this I contacted a few tattoo artists who were just quoting stupid prices and to be honest their work was not that great anyways. I needed someone who was great at shading and who could detail the mustang really well. My sister’s husband showed me his most recent tattoo which was a castle on his leg and it was really good. It too had great shading. I got the contact details of the tattoo guy and contacted him as soon as I could.  Spike was his name.

Emails went back and forth and Spike supplied me with designs that I tweaked here and there.  Spike not only gave me a great quote on the tattoo but an even better design than I had hoped. This was the final design to go on my arm:

mustang fine copy

I was so impressed as to how detailed the mustang was. I booked a date in which was 27/4/2013. Becci came down with me and so did my sister . We arrived at Spikes tattoo place in Wigan and were greeted by him, his wife and their dog. I soon lost Becci and my sister as they were more interested in the dog. Spike asked me how big  I wanted it.. i told him enough so that you can see the bottom bit if I wear a t shirt. He went upstairs and did the template. I followed him up and he placed the template on my arm and it was perfect!! He asked me if I had eaten as it was important that I had – I had.

My sister and Bec joined us upstairs to witness the first time that the needle entered my arm. . I was told to sit down and place my arm on an arm rest.. and so it came.. the sound of the needle.. and then it HIT ME… “ouchhhhhhh ishhhhh hmmmmm thats not too bad” that’s how I felt. It actually wasnt bad at all. Just kinda like a cat scratching you but not as bad. My sister and Bec were disappointed as thought I would be crying and all sorts – sorry guys!!

The tattoo was suspected to take 4 hours. Spike told me we could stop at any time for a break but I told him to keep going. He started with the outline which probably hurt the most at first. It hurt more around the top of the shoulder and round by Bicep.

Spike then proceeded with the colouring in and shading. After hour 3 I was fine.. still no breaks.. however the final hour is when it started to kill more. The reason why it hurt more now was that it was not only scratching.. it was now burning too as Spike was going over the same parts touching up etc. It was like someone rubbing ya arm when its got sunburnt. I was determined to keep going. Spike added some white and grey ink to the tattoo to add shade and then after 4 hours it was done 🙂

I was so happy with the outcome. He washed it, creamed it, and wrapped it up and then told me to cream it around 3 times a day until the scabs go. He did an amazing job. I was so happy with it. When Bec and Laws saw it they were so impressed and when we met everyone later it was apparent that this was definitely the design for me as everyone loved it.

Spike was an amazing guy and 100% would recommend him to those who are having their first tattoos as he is very accommodating and above all has a passion for drawing and will happily sit there drawing on you until its done. He was so determined on the mustang since he too shared the passion for muscle cars roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Spikes H.Q Tattoo Studio – Wigan  – recommend this place – amazing.

Cost: £140

Finished results:


5 thoughts on “Getting my 1st Tattoo

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  2. That turned out great! I especially like the car.

  3. Glad you like your tattoo Joe looks cool , was great doing that piece as we both love muscle cars and rock and roll Spike

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