Haunted Castle Sleep over

This event was organised for Bec Bday. She always stated how she wanted to stay over in a haunted house. I seached for bloody ages for this event and finally found it.

The company we booked i threw was Alone in the dark . Their website is: http://www.aloneinthedarkentertainment.com/hauntedcampoutevent.htm. Would recommend this company as they arrange campouts etc which alot of other ghost hunt firms dont.

It involved us sleeping over in a the haunted Castle Keep in Newcastle. It had also been featured on “MOST HAUNTED”.  You could choose what room you wanted to stay in so i opted for the scariest one which was the “Cell Room” which was the prison cell 🙂

We arrived at the CASTLE KEEP and were early so decided to have a swift drink in the pub opposite. We then made our way over to the castle where we were greeted by one of the organisers. We then chucked all our stuff in the corner of the room and joined the others who were also here for the ghost hunt.

We had tea / coffee and food which was nice. The leader then told us what was going to happen this evening.

The Brief

We would all be split up into groups of 6 and all have different leaders. We would all seperate in our groups throughout the castle conducting different experiements throuout the castle areas.

The castle

I wouldnt really call it a castle, more like a round stone building. It was quite cold but not so much that you would need a coat. There were many rooms in the castle which had lights on so we could see. You could tell it was a tourist attraction in the day thow as there was something “modern” about it.

Newcastle Keep 2  Castle%20Keep%20-%20Peter%20Atkinson

The first room

The first one we did was sitting in a room and the leader walkie talkied the others to turn off the lights. He then shouted out questions to the “ghosts”. Apparantly there was supposed to be Nuns, Monks and all sorts there. He then also asked for a volunteer to go and sit in the prison cell (where we were staying) in pitch black whilst we were all in the room next to it. He did this as apparantly theres normally activity in there? So Bec being an Athiest volunteerd. Now nothing happend in this experiment and it seemed that everytime something like a “brick” or if you moved your foot in the dark the leader would say “what was that?” which was a bit cringy lol


Table Tipping

Now in some rooms we did whats known as “table tipping”. It involves you sitting around a table and each putting your finger on the table. The leader then calls out to the “ghosts” and then the energy from then causes the tables to tip back and forth. Now this was the ONLY time we saw any acitvity in the evening. .. well any that looked cool and “maybe” supernatural. There was a stage where me and Bec were wandering around in this one room and we heard a table being heavily chucked about so we went into the room to find some of the others around a table that was seriously tipping back and forth violently. .. so much that they had to stand up and it was taking them around the room. Thing with this is that you dont know whether or not it s the leader just pressing down on his / her finger as if im honest the tables werent heavy and the ground was uneven so could be done.

Ouija board

I wasnt origianlly going to take part in this as heard bad stories, however i was that eager to actually see something i have it  a try. Now we did these throughout the night, however the more memorial one was done with me, Bec and the leader in a dark room. Now the leader told us to use our index finger as its less likely to be able to be pushed? we all placed our finger on the glass and then it began to move pointing to letters that made no sense. Now i was getting into it at this stage, however Bec suggested it was him who was moving it, so he took his finger off and then it stopped moving surprisingly lol.  We werent convinced.#

Electro pulse monitor thingy machine

Our guide sent me and Bec up around the balcony of one of the rooms with this little meter that monitor electro pulses or something. Basically if the needle starts screaming it means something is nearby – but can also be triggerd off by wiring etc in the walls. Now this was the only freaky bit of the event. Me and Bec went on our own up there whilst the others did their own thing below us. There were 4 corners. Now the leader had told us of stories of a man that liked to run past you on these balconys so naturally thats all i kept thinking. Each corner we walked around was dark.. nothing happend until suddenly the meter went off on one. It went berserk and it was only around this one area. We would walk away, id switch off my head torch just in case it was that and still it went mental! This was scary, probably cuz me and Bec were the only ones up there. Now this could have been wiring in the walls maybe? As this castle has lights all over the place, however on the same note why didnt it go off around all the other corners? hmmmm so this was freaky.

Microphone recording

We all sat in a circle and each asked a question to the said “ghost” and then the leader would record it on his pc and play it back after to see if anything spoke. We all took it in turns to ask it things like “what is your name” etc .. and all waited patiently, secretly wanting the “ghost” to answer our questions.. but all we got when we played the clip back was what sounded like grunting .. but to be honest you really had to listen hard to even hear that.

Sitting on the dead mans chest

One point we entered a room with a chest in it. Apparantly the “ghost” dont like people who sit on it and pushes them off. I then sat on it and nothing happend lol

The face changing stool

In one of the rooms there was a dark corner with a small wall in it. The leader told us that when people sit on that wall and sign a light at their face, that the ghost posesses them and their face changes? Now we all had a go at this and the others in the group swore blind that everyones face changed under the spotlight of a torch.. however this is exactly what it was.. it was due to the torch and shadows caused on the face that made it “look” like it was changing. Your eyes play tricks on you in the dark dont you know 🙂

The others in the group.

Mostly women came to this event. If honest there were some annoying people here. People who would suddenly feel “sick” in certan rooms and had to immediatly sit down. These same people would have stuff done to them like their hair moved etc in all the rooms. Now im sorry but why the feck didnt it do anything to us? Why always the same people, and why did it target the 3 girls who would scream, cry and shout at the slightest thing all the time? Maybe they were actresses or maybe just easily scared. Either way it didnt convince me or Bec.  I think you can tell who are the people who come here all the time as they are big believers, but the problem is that sometimes you can believe a little too much.

The Sleep Over

We opted to stay in the most haunted place in the caslte..the prison cell. We had another 2 women stay in there with us. The floor was wooden and the roof was like a curved air raid shelterd styled old brick ceiling. Was weird looking up at it as it had scratches all over it from the prison cell where prisoners proabably tried to scratch their way out.  We got our sleeping bags out and were given a walkie talkie by the leaders. Lights went out and throuout the night they would come around asking if you wanted a toilet break. This involved going outside with the leaders and walking across the courtyard into this other old building with the toilets. That looked haunted too.  The morning came and i must say it was one of the best nights kip ive ever got. Very compfortable :). We then vacated the carpark for 8am and went off into Newcastle.



No “conclusive” evidence was found that ghosts exist here. Everything that we witnessed could be easily done via the leaders. Others in the group would feel sick etc at certan points however always seemed to be the same people.  My conclusion of these kinda events are that the mind is very powerful. If you plant a seed in someones head for example:

“Telling them that in this room a ghost little boy likes to chuck bricks at people”

then i feel that once the lights go out your mind can create that scenario very easily. It will play tricks on you as all your thinking about it this little boy chucking bricks at you, suddenly the slightest noise, feeling on your leg etc.. is then thought to be this boy chucking bricks at you.  If you believe too much, then i think your open to your body and mind almost “creating” the scene for you. Its not really there. I mean how many times have you been alone in a pitch black room walking around trying to find the light switch and suddenly scenes from horror films come to mind? Ive done this plenty of times and then ill start hearing things etc… but i know its my mind not the fact that theres a ghost / monster in the room with me. Having said all this it was great fun. Would do a ghost hunt again, as its different, and maybe this just wasnt the one to prove me wrong that ghosts dont exist. I am open to them exisitng and not as bad as Bec, however i need proof and that proof is me seeing it with my own eyes.

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