Mount Snowdon

I have been up and down Mount Snowdon twice now. I have managed to trek 4 different routes. The first time I went was with Juggers, Chattu and Bob in a cottage where we did the Pyg route and the Miners trek on the way down. The 2nd time was for Frostys 30th Bday. We went up the Ranger Route and came down the Rhydd Ddu Track.


We arrived at the cottage which was awsome. It had onsite gym and Sauna. There were 4 of us staying here (Ben and his Cusin would join us 2moz).

We spent the first day chilling, had a few drinks at night then went to bed.


The next day was an early start. Got up about 5am ready to leave in Bens car at 6am. Packed the bag full of food, got me walking gear on and out we went. We chose to start on the Pig Run and come back down on the Miners track.

We got to the starting point. Within minutes i was too hot for my waterproof jacket etc, so took it off and just started in my T shirt.

We walked coming across some great views.The Pyg route featured alot of larger rocks to start with so abit of climbing was involved (nothing major). I had ate aload of Pro Plus beforehand which meant that i kept runnig up the mountain!! Wasnt a wise decision as you will find out why later…

We approached nearer to the top, had a chat to other hikers who thought it would be funny to keep saying “only another 4 hours to the top” every 30 mins or so!  As we got closer to the top we hit FOG! Literally couldnt see a few meters ahead of you the higher you went.

Got to the top, noticed the train track. Naturally I wanted to be the first one on top of that mountain out of our group. Juggers was a good contender and kept walking when i would rest. I managed to quickly run ahead of her, up the steps and finally I had made it. Me and Juggers had our pic taken first as the others were still about 5 mins behind.

When the others joined us we had the group pic done.

We then hit the MOUNTAIN cafe. Now this is when it hit me. I sat down and due to me eating all those Pro Plus and running up the mountain with very little food in me, I literally nearly passed out. I felt so hungry like i was gunna die! I had to grab Juggers rucksack with the sandwiches she had made all of us and I demolished all but 3 sandwiches – There was an entire loafs worth there!

After a few drinks and rest later, we headed back down the Pyg trail and headed down the MINERS track. This track features alot more smaller rocker. It can be tricky at times as you slide down the hill easily. When you get towards the bottom (where the lake is) there is another hours walk or so until you reach the car park..but when at bottom its all flat alongside the lake which is beautiful. I actually tried some water from the lake as for some reason i thought you could drink water from mountains??? Only later found out its “running” water from mountains you can drink.. no wonder it tasted like shite!

All in all great mountain. Only part of my body that struggled were my knees, but the pain soon went after a few days. Great day out. Made it up and down in about 4- 5hours.


Second Time – Ranger and Rhydd Ddu Track

There were 8 of us. Me, Bob, Aaron, Frosty, Harper, John the Baptist, Fordy and Paul. It was Frostys 30th Bday. We stayed at The Cwellyn Arms Campsite which was £9 per person.

The campsite was a great location with stunning views of the lake. The good thing was the main road it was off, was the road where the RANGER Track started. They had free log burners, benches and bears – apparently lol . The toilet facilities were also quite nice too.

This was our campsite:

Once ready we headed out around 12:00. We were all kitted out and so it was time to set out! The start of the route is along the main road and then right into a field. The weather was working against us here as it was 30 degrees – hottest day of the year! Very hot when walking a mountain! It wasn’t long until we started to struggle.

John the Baptist was having back problems as the terrain was very steep. He said he would go back and get the train up and meet us up there. We continued on. Around 20 mins later we all stopped to rest when all of a sudden a figure appeared from below the hill…John the Baptist returned to us saying he wanted to continue. Hurrar! Bob played Eye of the tiger on his phone as John the Baptist walked towards us (his called John the baptist as he came back from the dead ? – Bob named him). Here is where we saw him approach us.

This route is challenging in the heat. It isnt very long as you can see the top after around 20 mins walking on the track. The problem is how steep it is. We were constantly having to stop and get out breath. I had my gardeners spray with me thow to keep me cool :).The views are amazing up here. The terrain is fine on the foot, however just very steep and annoying.

This route took us around 3hr 45 mins due to all the breaks we had to have. When we got to the top we had to have our pics taken (obviously). Luckily the top was clear unlike the first time we went so we got some amazing shots.

We picked the Rhydd Ddu track to go back although we were all having doubts at the start as the trail looked kinda like a knife edge where it would just drop either side. Look at this picture and you will see what I mean.

We opted to try this route out. If honest, I liked this route better than any of the routes so far. At the top it was abit challenging as your holding onto jagged rocks to keep ya balance from falling over the side, but after a while you just get used to it. I think because there was no wind it helped. The rocks on the way down were also very large to stand on so hardely any of those small jagged rocks that hurt your sole of your feet. We did this route in around 2hr 30mins. It was quite a relaxing route to take down.

We did both routes up and down in around 6 hours . I got threw 3 bottles of  Isotonic Drink and about 2 waters. When at the bottom we went to the The Cwellyn Arms pub for a swift one and some food. The food is not worth the money here. Your talking £15 on average per meal..however who cares it was a great day out!


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