It was the 75th ANNIVERSARY of the Cosford RAF airshow. IMG_2201This was going to be cool! Gates opened at 8:30am. We already pre ordered our tickets for £20 online so figured we could set out later – boy were we wrong! The motorway was held up bumper to bumper with people. The side streets were also bumper to bumper and it was NOT moving. We decided to then drive back to the center of Wolves where we parked the car and caught a train – so much easier and quicker and took us right outside there!There were lots of stalls and cool army things for sale. Bec wanted me to get a jump suit – could this be a fetish young Becci?There were lots of aircraft on show. I saw the almighty Tornado so had to have my picture taken next to it.

We then went onto meet Becs friend Louise where we sat and watched the cool displays.I could hear a unique sound whistling threw the air and as I looked up there was the amazing Spitfires. They were so cool. They were shortly followed by the Lancaster plane used in the World Wars.

We then witnessed helicopters doing amazing maneuvers that I never thought were possible. Upside down, side to side.

An illustrated Afghan attack was then demonstrated as it actually happened – this involved 2 armored vehicles been under attack. They showed how the almighty Apache helicopter who circled above watching out for further enemies.. whist the rescue helicopter maneuvered in to save the injured. Apparently they aim to get the causality out of there within 6 mins.  The Apache helicopter that featured Prince Harry in the cockpit came along showing off doing his amazing turns, upside downs and bowing to the audience with the nose going up n down. Really impressive.

Then we saw the Almighty Red Arrows doing corkscrews, kissing and heart shapes in the air. Really impressive stuff – oh and I got a cool shot of the St Georges Flag with the red arrows going pass that you can see below.

We then had to leave due not knowing what time the train was going. As we left they announced the amazing VULCAN plane was giving flight – which they thought it wouldn’t at first. We were waiting at the train station and we heard this whistle followed by the loud noise of this VULCAN huge triangle shaped plane with 2 smaller planes either side. I was very fortunate to get this shot of it cruising past us as the train station was in the way.


3 thoughts on “RAF SHOW

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  2. Very cool photos, but what I really want is a bite of that ice cream cone you have 😉

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