Area 51 (Rachel)

Date: 17th Dec – 18th Dec

Weather: It was warm in the day, as in T Shirt weather. At night I needed a sweater. 

So after cruising Route 66 our next stop was Area 51. The weather was clear blue skies around 10 degrees. We had read up on the location and what we found was that it was next to a small town named “Rachel”. We were looking to stay in this place called ” Little A’Le’Inn (cleverly named).  Now when we went off the main highway we joined the “Extraterrestrial Highway” – I thought this was just a nickname as it was the road leading to the secret area, however it actually came up as this on the Satnav.

Now this is one long ass road. There’s nothing other than desert either side of you. After an hour or so of driving straight we finally saw a sign pointing to the left saying “Rachel”.  Your not cruising long until you see the huge metal Alien standing next to a building. This is the Area 51 museum . We went towards it but then noticed it was closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and it was Monday – grrrr. Still had a photo next to the Alien thow.

We got back into our car where we headed for Rachel. Another hours drive down this deserted highway I had read that on the way there is a Mailbox nicknamed “The Black Mailbox”. On the way to Rachel it was to the left.

The Black Mailbox

Now this is basically a White (not black) metal mailbox on the road. People say its something to do with Area 51 as theres no reason why its there as there is literally nothing around it.. no houses nothing. People have apparantly tried to break into was later revieled that it actually belongs to a local farmer who is pissed off that people keep trying to get into his mailbox lol.  Approaching the mailbox we noticed there was one abandoned car next to it and the mailbox had Graffiti over it from passers by. There was a padlock on it too. After a few photos we got back into the car and continued towards Rachel.

After heading up the mountains the road finally revieled a small town. This was Rachel. Were talking about 10 trailers and the Little A’Le’Inn place and thats it. Nothing else surrounds this place other than desert.

The Little A’Le’Inn

So we walked into this place and it was a cafe/gift shop/bar. Local guys there just kinda stared at you as you walked in (which people had said in reviews). We hadnt booked a room in advance so were hoping they had a room otherwise it would be one long ass drive back. Luckily the lady said they had rooms. She put us up in a trailer.

A’Le’Inn Accomodation

She showed us to our trailer. It was trailer 3. It was HUGE. You had your own sitting area, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, bathroom and a TV and VHS player lol..all this for $47 for both of us – bargain!

We were given a key that opened the one bedroom but the others were locked so im taking it that other people are allowed to stay in your trailer if they want too. Our room was big, had towels and was warm. We had the trailer to ourselves. We decided it was time for a drink so lets head back to the bar!

We walked in and they had offers on certain beers so I grabbed a Sol and Bec had her wine.  They shut at 8pm and it was now 5:30pm. After an hours drinking a guy came in who looked Geeky and was on his own. He ordered the Alien Burger they do here and some Alien Beer. I got chatting to him. His name was Calub and came from Canada. He was cool. He worked in a Hostel in LA and was doing a small road trip to sights. Whilst I chatted to Calub, Bec got chatting to some of the old men locals.

It was now 8pm so it was time to go.. we ordered beers to go and told Calub he should come back to our trailer to play drinking games. I also invited the old locals.

3 of us went back and talked about America. It wasnt long until we heard a knock on the door. It was a guy named David Day. He was one of the locals. He came with another local called Jay and told us they were going to set off some roman candles to try and communicate with the Aliens. We opted to go out and we did fireworks, then David came into the trailer where we played the Catergory drinking game.

It wasnt long until shooting guns came into conversation. Since me and Bec always wanted to do it, we asked Dave if he owned a gun. He was dissmissive at first however when he found out shooting guns was on our bucket list.. he said “you wana shoot a gun?” come with me.. we got in his car and he drove us to his trailer which was only a minute away. His trailer was cool. He had a leather couch and a hot tub. He bought out his AK47 and Barretta handgun. He took us out into the desert where he allowed us to fire into the air. He was very safety cautious and a great instructor. It was amazing. The AK47 didn’t knock you back as much as id thought. It was easy to fire.

We then headed back to trailer where I saw a shooting star over area 51. People had said they had saw lights over there, however some locals said they hadn’t saw anything.  The thing about Area 51 you could see the gates where it was as there were lights .. but it was about a mile away..  we couldn’t be arsed to drive down the small road that leads to the gates as there’s just security guards there who turn you back around.

We had a great night here. It was my best night yet in USA as it was so random and interesting. Our trailer was really comfortable too.

Alien Burger

In the morning I tried the famous “ALIEN BURGER”. It was only $6. It didn’t really taste different to a normal burger but had to be done. We had a look around more in the A’Le’Inn where there were photos of area 51 sightings, a evidence room that was basically a store room for VHS tapes to use in your trailer. There was also a signed poster from the movie named “PAUL” that wasnt filmed here, however they took all the decorations from this place and created a false set in New Mexico to film. . so although the A’Le’Inn was featured on the film, they didn’t film inside.

Loved this place!

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