Date: 25th Nov – 30th Nov 

Weather: It was cold at night, however around 13 Degrees Celcius in the day. Most days I had a jumper on

The General Area

Our 4th stop backpacking was Atlanta. We stayed downtown. Atlanta is ok however not as entertaining as other places we have been so far in the USA. It seems that if you want bars and nightlife then it was a mission away from our hotel. Our area had a Hooters, a Diner, An Irish Bar, A Mexican and a Hard Rock Cafe. ..thats about it for nightlife where we were.  Atlanta at night aint the best place to wander around. . sure theres cctv in most places and cops, however we were forever been stopped by homeless guys asking for specific change like “$3.50” OR “ $1.50It ”. There are alot of dodgy looking people who roam the streets here. It was the most unsafe ive felt so far in a place in the USA. I didn’t however witness or hear anything bad going on during a 6 days there.. i guess it just had that “unsafe” vibe. We did meet one homeless guy who didnt ask for money, he just stopped and sang at us, He had a good voice so we recorded himn doing Dock of the bay. You can see this on our youtube channel.

Food and Drink

We had our local diner that we kept going to for food. They served food 24 hours a day. Meals averaged around 9 Dollars. I tried my first American fryup which consisted of 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 eggs and 2 pancakes. I could not finish this huge meal. ..but i tried.

Drink wise it was the same as everywhere else in the USA.. anything up to 7 dollars for a pint. Surprisingly Hooters was cheaper for beer and quite good on food too. Average price of a pint was 5 dollars there.

The Hotel

We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel Downtown. It was a 4 star hotel. We managed to get it via for £23 per person per night, This did not include breakfast! The hotel was very nice. It had great rooms that had coffee making facilities with Starbucks coffee!!! The pool was great. . it was in the middle of the hotel and had like a jungle /forest theme surrounding it. It was cold however there was a Hot Jaquoozi next to it so not all bad! This hotel charges you for wifi .. however I found a spot near the pool where it was free wifi (it said for 2 hours however was infinite). We stayed in a normal room first of all, then the other 4 nights I asked to be moved to a room with a balcony that we had saw over looking the pool. They moved us at no extra cost which was cool.

The only issue we had with the hotel was our last day there seemed to be an over excited kid next door who seemed to like running along peoples balconys and knocking on there doors.. then doing the same on the hall way doors. Luckily this was our last day. The main reason we stayed here so long was due to the fact that New Orleans (our next stop) was too expensive on weekends so we arranged it so that we went there during week. the hotel was nice so not a bad place too chill.

The World Of Coca Cola

This place was cool. Basically it shows you how it started and all the places coke is in in the world. They do a huge section on the “SECRET INGREDIENT” of Coca Cola . It featured a 4D cinema ride that was exploring the secret ingredient of coca cola. . however as expected they DONT tell you the secret ingredient and just say something like “the secret ingredient is all of our experiences!”!! damn you COKE!

We also got to see the Coke Polar bear. He was cool as his mouth and eyes blinked. He was clearly a guy dressed up (obviously) but his costume was very cool.

Another good section of this place was when you get to experience what Coca Cola has produced drinks wise, worldwide. The room is split into sections where you have like North America, Europe etc and it shows you the drinks released there. Best thing about this section is that you get to try each of the drinks and have as much as you like.  There were some HORRIBLE ones in Asia and Africa thow! This place also gives you a free bottle of coke at the end.

Cost: 16 dollars each

The Largest Aquarium In The World

Unbeknown to us, Atlanta is home to the biggest aquarium in the world! I had to see this place as it featured Whale Sharks which vie never seen before. They had your normal areas with manta rays etc.. then we saw the start of the tunnel. This is where I saw a HUGE tail of something.. I said to Bec theres something big in there. We walked threw and there were HUGE manta rays and 3 baby Whale Sharks which were HUGE. Another room featured a HUGE glass wall where you could see in the same tank as the tunnel. You had a better view of the sharks etc here. It was so cool.

Cost: 33 dollars each

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