Auckland In General

To be honest Auckland is okish. For me its no different from a normal harbourside city really. We struggled to find stuff to do there that interested us. One of the cool things I did see there was whilst I was walking on the pier, an Albatross landed in front of me with a fish in its mouth. It was huge!


Cost: $145 pp (buy one get one free in Winter)

So whilst here, I wanted to do the Skywalk. Its around 328 feet high and you dangle over the edge!

One of the good things about going in get 2 for 1 on the skywalk. meaning Bec got to do it for free.

We got to the top, met our instructer Poko and then she got us in our jump suits and harnessed in. She then took us out on the edge. Now since your harnessed to the pole above you twice, youre pretty safe, however your body just tells you NOOOOO, what the hell are you doing to me??

First thing she gets us to do was just all walk single file around the edge.

Then she gets you to crouch down and slowely walk backwards so that your heels are over the edge and then straighten your legs. Now this at first is weird and scary however after a while you get used to it

The 3rd challenge is for you to walk backwards whilst staring up at the pole your harnessed too. Now this is difficult as you no theres an edge and you kinda dont trust yourself lol.

The last challenge was going front ways over the edge and putting your arms out. This wasnt so much scary, but more difficult to do due to how Poko told you to hold the harness ..we couldnt get it anyways but tried our best.

All in all this was a great experience. You are so high and fortunate for us the weather was brill and sunny so it was great. I would deffo recommend this. I wouldnt say its really scary or “extreme” as kids were doing it too, however it deffo worth trying out.


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