Bangkok 2014

The Place in General

This was my 2nd time to Bangkok. It was great showing Bec around the place. I really like this place as its a culture shock and everythings busy, but busy doing stuff you don’t normally see back home. Markets galore down the main street, and also the street foods of chicken and all the insects you could dream of. Bars were doing pints for 100 bahts in happy hour which may I add is a sensible time of 4pm – 8pm. The atmosphere here is just great .

Our Accomodation

We opted to stay at the Royal President. This was on Sukhumvit 15 so only about a few mins walk to all the action. This hotel is big and nice. Although backpacking we managed to find a hotel room here with its own kitchen area and giant fridge for £12.50 each per night which I thought was great. This also included breakfast. The breakfast was weird but nice. Chicken sausages, beans and fruit were the normal parts however they also had spag bol, currys etc too which was the weird part – I mean who has curry for breakfast unless your re heating it from the night on the lash? Staff were great here, especially the door attendant!

Street Food

So I never did this the first time around. There was street food everywhere. In the day they tend to sell chicken on skewers and noodles however close to the evening around Soi 6, there are stands selling crickets etc. One night when we were pissed, we came across a lady selling lots of bugs. I asked her “how much for a mixture”, she said 100 baht (£2) which was great. We opted for this and she piled in abit of everything. We got back to the hotel and both tried the same insects. We had flies, mealworms, crickets, beetles, frogs and what we think were giant locusts. They all basically tasted similar as they have been smoked cooked. Basically all were cruncy n not bad..however the huge locust was not nice at all. It had a horrible dry taste and we couldn’t polish them off. The mealworms kinda explode in your mouth which is abit yuck. To be honest it was kinda like eating pork scatchings..same kinda taste n texture. After wards when swilling me mouth out with water in the bathroom there were bits of legs n arms in the sink – yuck! There were way too many insects to eat so placed them in the fridge on a plate in case we get hungy later on (doubt it). Good experience thow.


The Deaf KFC

So first day in Bangkok and we decided to get a KFC. We wandered in and told the cashier what we wanted. She looked at us and then pointed at a menu…”why is she not speaking to us, is she really that rude?” this is what we initially thought..until we noticed a small sign showing you sign language. We then rememberd we had read somewhere that there were Deaf KFCS here. I actually always wanted to visit one so this was a cool experience. You pointed at the menu what you wanted and everything was really clear. To be honest I thought it ran more smoothly than the standard way of ordering as there was no confusion as to what you wanted. Oh and KFC are cheap as over here. I saw a bucket with lots of chicken, chips n coke for £6 – something I will most likely order when pissed to myself hehe.

Floating Market

This had to be done. We purchased this event for 600 Bahts each. We got collected from our hotel around 6:30am n then an hours drive to where the markets were. The markets as you can imagine are alongside a canal. When we got there we had an hour 40 mins to explore the markets. If we wanted to go by boat then it would cost a further 150 bahts each. Since in total that bought it up to £15 we thought why not – not really breaking the bank account is it!. So we were guided into our boat…that in itself was weird as that first step onto a smallish boat aint always the best! So with our old Thai lady stearing off we trotted.

The markets were either side of you. If you liked anything you just pointed and the biddy would take you over to that stand. They do try n get you to buy off them obviously. This one woman tried to get me to buy hats off her by using this long stick to hook a hat and putting it on my head..haha cheeky mare! I bought a Singha vest for like 150 baht n Bec bought sandals for the same amount. We crashed into lots of boats and saw lots of interesting boats selling weird foods. Boats would come past with Singha beer tempted you…but since it was 10am in the morning I wasn’t really in the mood to start sessioning ha.

The boat journey ended after an hour. We got off and waited around for our other boat journey to start. At 11am this started. This boat was different as it was bigger and a speed boat. The rest of our group came onto these boats with us. It then took you threw the farms and living areas of the canal. It was interesting to see how people live there. This didn’t last long and it then ends by taking you a small temple place and your van meets you there. We then went back to the hotel.

This experience was great fun. It was great to see people sell stuff on a canal as it felt really cultural!. Loved it and  was worth more than £15!


Riding on a TukTuk

This was a must in Bangkok. I have done it before the last time I came, however wanted Bec to experience it. Although a short trip we got on one to take us to Pizzahut. It was only a few mins drive. We got out and then waited 7 mins for a pizza then got back into the same TukTuk for him to take us back. The journey was cool as he went really fast down the main streets. Feeling the wind against you at that speed was rather cool. . . however when we got to the hotel, the guy tried to charge us 600 bahts for that 10 minute journey which was like £12. Thats a rip off. I gave him 150 baht n told him thats being generous and walked off. The guy didn’t even flinch n excepted it showing he knew i was right the fecker! People always say agree the price beforehand – Guess ive learnt.

Go Go Bars

They were everywhere. Soi 4 was where the main area was. I took Bec to them. Each one was different with either ladyboys in them, younger girls or lots of them. Drinks were around 150 bahts each in there so more expensive that the 80 bahts elsewhere. Girls with numbers on them would dance in front of you and try n make eye contact. In one of them we witnessed 2 girls, one with a dildo have sex with the other in front of us – now as a couple that was weird to watch lol.





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