Game Of Thrones Tour In Belfast

Month/Year: August 2016
Flight time: From Birmingham  to Belfast = 1 hour
Weather:Warm but raining 


Game Of Thrones Tour

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So after hearing / reading all about this “Game Of Thrones” show I hated the sound of it at first..however after 4 episode I was hooked! It was only a matter of time before I had to some of this amazing scenery shite.

It was out first time to Belfast. This was a surprise trip for me other half for her Birthday.

So we got up nice n early, met our guide Damien (looked like a pirate with a  Bandana) and boarded our coach with all the other watchmen of the north (passengers). It wasnt long until Damien started to introduce himself, telling us about his time as an extra and saying lots of f**ks n S**ts. ..but in a funny way! He loved the actor who played Tyrion and told us how he played in many scenes, including Ned stalks stunt double. He was quite amusing.

Our first stop was to get off the coach and onto a ferry. This took us across the oldest known crossing in the world. We then boarded the coach that took us to Winterfell.


We all got off and stood in the courtyard of where Winterfell had been filmed. There was not much there other than a tower and an archery range. It was hard to picture how they had filmed the scenes there, however Damien got out his book with photos and explained how CGI was heavily used to replicate other towers etc. It was quite impressive.


This is me walking out the arch from the scene where King Robert first appears with his men at Winterfell



We also saw a guy dressed in gear who liked to stab some of the girls in our group


We also claimed Winterfell… it is now “House Black Country”


Briene and the tree

It was then time for a walk towards a scene shot across the lake where Briene had a battle scene along side the water. The tree that you can see in the shot on film is still there in the background.  This Scene was also used with the Twins Towers shot


Robs Camp

We also saw where Robs camp was.. and where they kidnapped Jamie Lamister and he got covered in shite as a prisoner. Damien told us how there was snow on the ground for the scenes, and the only way of getting rid of the snow was to use the water from the sea next to them. If you add lots of water to snow not only does it dissolve it, but it also creates lots of MUD. Hence why Jamie Lannister was covered in shite and the ground was muddy. hahaha

The  Twins

We then took a further stroll to the twin towers. . . however there was only one. They had green screened the other one in there. Someone had hid a geocache under there. . . wasnt covered up that well thow. The castle tower wasnt that amazing, as you couldn’t go up it however views were nice, and we claimed the tower with our Black Country Flag… Oh yesssss.


It was then time to board our coach and got get some lunch at the local boozer. We were took to a place called Cuan Guesthouse. This is where alot of the cast stayed whilst filming. It was a great place. We had our order taken on the coach earlier and me and Ang opted for the Sausage and beans and mash (classy). The Inn looked rather cool from the outside…oh and had to have a pic with Damien outside it of course!


The Inn had a great GOT door too.. the Game Of Doors it was called. It was very impressive.


Damien then told us that he was going to organise a surprise for us all. He may be able to get an actor or 2 from the show to appear and say hello. We all went outside and there they were.. THE DIREWOLVES!!!


With excitement we all rushed over the road to see them. Their owners were there who were 3 sons and their Dad. All had long beards and hair, and looked like they belonged in Game Of Thrones. It wasnt long until they all told us how all of them had appeared in the show, and that the producers took a big liking to the Dad in particular who played the slave master for Daenerys Targaryen. He had also made lots of paintings, props for people to buy.


They then got out the Direwolves. There were 2. Their real names were Odin and Thor  however in the series their known as Summer and Greywind. They looked amazing.  This one was Summer (Brans Direwolf)



This one was Greywind ( Robs Direwolf)



They were great dogs and so well trained (afterall trained by same lady who trained pets for Harry Potter). After 50 million photos later we then boarded the coach onto the next location.

Finding Of The Direwolves

We were taken to a forest area of Belfast. It was so pretty with trees that swooped over you in an arch type fashion. We got out and then started another hike through the forests. We came across a hobbit looking house built into the rocks which looked amazing.


We then finally made it to our river where the Direwolves were found in the series. He told us how the only way to separate Jon Snows direwolf was to place it all the way across the river so it wouldn’t run to the others. The scene where Jon Snow picks up the puppy, it was actually a dog handler who had to hand the dog to him (hence why only half his body is in shot).


We then hiked back and the coach took us to our last location which is where one of the scenes where Rob is declared “King Of The North” is shot. Although this was an open top castle ruin, in the show it had a false roof. The best part about this part of the tour was that Damien had bought outfits for us to dress up in. I was given a real sword and also got to try the “Hound” Helmet on! The helmet was  heavy!


We had also met a lovely couple from Canada and I we got the lad to have some action shots with me dressed as the hound.

Ang got to dress up as Arya with a shield along with me trying to kill her (I had a Little Finger traitor mode)


I got to stand where Rob was sitting in the “Declaration for the King Of The North” scene  whilst Damien told us about it.


We then hiked back, and boarded the coach to go back to our hotels. On the way back we got to watch episode 1 of the show. It was great to see it again.

This tour was great fun. The tour guide was really funny and really knowledgeable about the show. It was so cool to get to meet the Direwolves and more extras in the show. You really felt like you were in the show when dressing up. I would rate this 5 star. I only paid £40 per person and it was worth every penny!

Big up the Game Of Thrones Tour.. cant wait until Season 7 🙂








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