Budapest – Childrens Railway

Cost: 800 hut each (£2.15)

Train Journey time from Szechenyi Hill Station to Zugliget Station: 10 mins


We had heard about this place on the Travel man programme and its quite a unique experience. Its weird as its not featured in any guides at all.

So first things first we realised this is not in the center, actually no where near the center, but hey buses here are frequent and Google maps tells you what you need to catch and where to get off so BOOM, we have a plan!


Ok so we went to the castle area by the river and bridge with Lions on it and caught the the 56 bus to Szechenyi Hill Station. This is where the children’s railway is situated. Now the weird thing about the buses here are that you can get on at the front or the middle. Now if you get on the middle you dont pay the driver, and he just drives on… not really sure how your supposed to pay him or why they dont just open the front doors? We had money ready but seemed that most the buses around ere just didn’t ask for bus fares, it was weird.  The buses are great by the way, they come every 10 mins or so and tell you what stop is next on a big screen tv.


Anyways 20 mins later our stop arrived. We got off at Jugershill stop. This seems like your in the middle of no where by some houses, We walked about 5-10 mins to the Szechenyi Hill Station. Its weird as we arrived on a Wednesday in the day and it was like a ghost town. There was literally just us in the railway station. We looked around and didn’t see anyone at the booth or outside, but could see the tracks GHOST TOWN ALERT!



We saw the timetable which stated the next train was in 45 mins. Anyways we read online that the children actually only serve the railway on certain days. I couldn’t believe it, we had come on a day they were not there 😦 Dis heartened we decided to still wait for the train as atleast it was a nice sunny day so may be scenic ride back.

With me head down and sad I walked inside the train station and paid for 2 x cups of hot chocolate from the vending machine….. this was the point i cheered up abit, the hot chocolate cost 25p each and they were fooking amazing! As in soooo creamy and nice! Once I polished off that amazing cup of cocoa i went to the toilet. I came back only to be waved over by Ang to come to her. She whispered in my ear, “the children are here, they are just on lunch break…i have just seen them in the room by where im sitting”. A smile on my face I was then even happier, maybe we would get to see these mystical  railway children.

It was only 20 mins left until the train was due and sure enough the children started coming out the room. There was one in the booth to sell tickets, one near the tracks as a signaler and the odd random one walking up and down the platform.

Nervous I approached the child in the booth and told her where we wanted a ticket too. She spoke good English and served me no problem. Handed over me 1600 hut for a ticket for both me and Ang and away I went. I did feel like taking a photo of the child in the booth however also felt abit strange doing this as its a kid n all that so didn’t. Tickets in our hand, excitedly waiting the train then arrived on time. Awwww dont we look excited?



2 young lads come out fully kitted out in conductor outfits with hats n everything. They were pretty awesome. Everywhere you looked there were kids in control! It was at this point we decided “fook it” lets take pics.

At this point there were about 6 tourists including me and Ang and we all got aboard the train. It was open both sides so you could stick ya arm out etc.


It was a beautiful day and off we went. We cruised threw forests and nice scenery. The lad on the train came and stamped our tickets.. he looked so cool!!!


As you went past certain train stations other kids would be there dressed up and would wave at you and salute the other kids. Kinda like a respect kinda code. I mean alot of our platform guys dont salute each other over in the UK. Your lucky if they smile at the train drivers.. pffttt


We decided to get off at Zugliget Station. This was in the middle of a forest. We waved at the kids and now it was time to walk to our next experience…the Zugliget Stairlift!

Click here <<<<<<<<<<   to read more about the stair lift.

Now this railway trip was deffo worth the visit. Sure its just a small train ran by kids in uniform but where the hell else do you see this? It was quite cool and the cheap ass amazing cocoa topped it off for me. At £2.15 each this was amazing value! Sure the ride was only about 10 mins but it was nice stuff that we saw along on the way. Its also nice as away from all the hussle n bussle of the main city !

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