Budapest – Chimney Cake

Never seen one of these badboys before.. I mean what is there not to like about a long doughnut thing with me whippy ice cream in the middle?


Right for starters, if you want ice cream in the middle, these are not available “Everywhere” in the city. You will come across plenty of places selling “chimney cake”, but that is just the cone.. not the filling.

Now a quick look on google and I found a place called “Chimney Cake Store”. Its near the center and is basically a street shak. The good thing about this place is that they do lots of different options. You can have squirty cream filling, or ice cream. You can also have different types of doughnut thing like hazelnut etc.

Now I got one of these badboys on the last day. Kept saying to Ang “I need a damn chimney cake”, but since there were only certain places that sold them with filling I had to wait until we were near the shop.

Anyways 1200 HUF (£3.44) later I finally got one in me hand.

The taste was not what I entirely expected. I kinda thought this would be like a doughnut with ice cream in the middle, but the “doughnut” style cone was alot harder than a Doughnut. More like a brioche texture. Nether less was still nice and very filling. I have heard you can get savory fillings. I couldn’t find anywhere that did this thow online or google..however it was featured on “Travel man 48 hours” so who knows.



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