Budapest – For Sale Pub

We were walking along the street and we noticed this place called “FOR SALE”. It looked like a boozer so naturally had to test it out.


When you walk in the first thing you notice is the fact that there are lots of small pieces of paper on the ceiling. You look around and there are tables and chairs amongst all this paper.

We got a seat around a pillar and ordered some drinks. Whilst waiting we had a gander at what these pieces of paper actually said. They were either ” Joe was ere” kinda paper or peoples adverts selling stuff. There was literally millions of them.


On the tables they also supply you with a bowl of nuts. When you look on the floor you notice lots of nut shells everywhere. I assume they dont mind you cracking the nuts open and then chucking the shell on the floor, so yes we did abit of that hehe.

Now other than the notes of paper everywhere, this bar also goes upstairs. Its mainly for eating upstairs however looks very homely and “cavern” like. There are tables shoved all of the place in here. Sometimes people are required to sit on windowsills, there are a few “snugs” in there too which were big enough to fit 4 people in them and you can people watch.There are also candles everywhere…which set the mood.

Now the service in here is debate bale. We asked for the bill and instead they bought us another round of drinks in. I didnt debate this with them at first as we thought we may aswel stay, especially since a guy was looking like he was setting up about to play the guitar.  It was only later when they did bring the bill we found out they hadnt charged us for the first round so happy days! :0

Now it was quite comical with the guitar singer, as there really isnt much space in the downstairs bar. He literally sat right in front of this couples table. He was practically leaning his guitar on their table.. “Awkwardddddddddd” we laughed at it thow.


Overall this place is deffo worth the visit just to look at the decoration and the warm atmosphere. We never at here, however what we did see coming out the kitchen looked and smelt great, so when we come back here, we will deffo eat here.  Of an evening thow there tended to be cues out the door for people wanting to eat so be prepared for that. It wasnt badly priced, just about right aswel.




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