Budapest Hints/Tips

This page is mainly to indicate a few pointers that we came across here. We found them useful so here you go…

Where to Eat Breakfast?

Ok, so we did hunt around for breaky a few times whilst away but never really got “value for money”. Paying £10 for a CHEESE and HAM baguette with a tea wasnt really the best. So on our last day we found the perfect place. It was called “COSMO city”. Its on one of the main streets in the city. Its also a hotel. You walk in the main entrance- and you are presented with the breakfast hall. You pay 1825 huf each ( £5) and you get unlimited everything including tea/coffee/fruit juices.  Theres lots to choose from. Theres warm food such as bacon and sausage (frankfurt style not English Pork Sausage) , scambled eggs, beans and then you have all your cold meats too. You also get cereal/fruit/yoghurts. It is deffo worth the money! So ye go here!


Where to eat for quick cheap food?

Theres a market in a building called “Vasarc Sarnok”. You go inside and it looks like your standard market selling fruit n veg n that. You go upstairs and there are alot of food stalls. These food stalls looked amazing. They had stuff like foot long sausages wrapped in bacon, cheese toasties n all sorts of meat dishes. I even saw people on tables by the stalls with beer so they even sell that too. They were cheap too so when we come back here will deffo try this out.

Ice creams

ok ok not so much to say about these other than you will get people selling them in many places in teh city and they only cost 1 euro for a cone and one scoop. To be honest I thought it was worth mentioning as I think thats cheap


Beer Prices

There are quite a few different types of lager here. They dont serve ale. Your looking at up to 800 HUFF (£2.29) for a pint. Not that expensive really.



Shoes On The Danube River 

Worth seeing, although the story behind it isnt the best. Basically they made people take off their shoes before they shot them and they fell into the river. Not really somewhere to take a selfie, more than a place to have queit time to reflet on what happened here. Either way each shoe is detailed well and a reminder of what happened here.


You Thirsty?

Budapest is the only place I have been too where its hot and they supply free water via water fountains. You can find them on google maps. The water is cold and you just fill up ya bottle!



Generally the cost of things here is lower than the UK.  Food, drinks, experiences are all really well priced.



They mainly accept HUF here. Personally I wouldn’t recommend you take euros as not everywhere accepts them, plus the rate aint the best.



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