Budapest – Ice Bar

Ok so maybe “Ice Bars” are all over the world huh? So whats so different about this one? Well ill tell you what… 2 things:


  1. It has its own restaurant where you can eat Exotic Animals outside it
  2. Its dirt cheap!


We were looking for somewhere to eat. We can across a place that was very colorful and fluorescent lighting. We looked at the menu and saw the fact that they did exotic animals. So the likes of Boar, Shark, Snake all sorts. I said to Ang I wouldnt mind trying abit of shark so we planted our seats on the chairs outside so we can people watch.

Waitress came over, took our order. It was quite a nice place. It was only when I sat down that I noticed it was right outside the “Ice Bar”. We decided that after the meal we would go inside the icebar for a giggle.  The prices on the menu were cheap for what they were advertising, I mean look at this:

The shark steak came. It was okish, would I try it again.. probably not! It was abit bland, not very touch and the mixed wedges and veg weren’t the best. It was prob a cheap cut to be honest. Big bones in it.


Service wasn’t the greatest as the staff didn’t really smile, and your waitress kept changing. They even charged 10% on top service charge! oh and just to pre warn you, this is one of those places where if you give them money expecting change, they DONT come back to the change and prob pocket it for themselves. Luckily there was only an extra £1 in there but still!

Anyways after we had eaten we approached the desk of the icebar. Told them that we wanted to go in there and the lady said because we ate there we would get discount.  We paid 6000 HUF in total which was £4.28 each . For that Ang had 2 non alcoholic shots and I had 3 alcoholic shots.

They took us to the entrance where you get put in the changing room. You then put on your coats . They were similar to what Eskimos would wear..well kinda…





Once coated up you open the other door into the ice bar. Now naturally this is quite cold when you get in there. Lots of sculptures in here. Pretty damn good

The Drinks…

Now the leaflet we had did state you got warm cider, or warm wine available in there, when we asked the barman he hadnt got a clue what we were talking about and said they didn’t do that. I tried a shot with vodka that was pretty fruity and didnt really do anything for me, however I also tried the shot with there white spirit in it (4got whats its called) and that was pretty damn lethal and nice. The shots also get served in an shot glass made of ice. I struggled to hold this for too long

Inside the bar it is very small. Has your usual sculptures in there. It was ok, deffo good value. Its a place you’d come for some cold drinks then disappear after 30 mins. If honest at £4.28 i cant really put this place down. If I had payed a tenner for it then id be saying dont bother. I’ve been to better ice bars, that are bigger etc but no where near as cheap so I guess this is where the saying “you get what you paid for” comes in nicely here.  Anyways on way out saw a couple of Penguins who wouldn’t let me leave unless I had me pic with them…



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