Budapest – Lavender Circus Hostel

Cost: £134 for 4 nights in total

Location: Right bang in the middle of it all

Airport to Accommodation: Catch the 100E bus from outside airport (900 HUTs each, pay driver) takes 30 mins and you get off at “Kalvin Ter M” stop. From here you cross road and its literally 2 minute walk.


Wow, Wow and Wow, this is all you will hear yourself doing when you first arrive.

It looks nowt special from outside, we pressed the buzzer and the lady at reception let us in. You walk threw a long hall first. This place is rather big. Its clear that other people rent or stay here alongside the hostel as its so big. As you walk up the stairs you come across random drawings on the walls and signs to the hostel. One I quite liked was an elevator drawn on the walls… Some people have commented on the fact that its a bit of a trek up these floors, we talking 3 floors to reception. We only had hand luggage and were fine, however i imagine if you had huge suitcases may be abit hard. But the staircase is very wide, and not steep at all.


You are then greeted by a nice pretty gate…


We were then greeted at reception by a nice lady who shook our hand and made us feel welcome. She took us to the main kitchen  / reception area and wow this place was strange. All you have to do is look around and you can see how unique and cool this place is.

They had your normal kitchen area and free tea n coffee but then they just had random stuff all over the place. When i say “random” i mean random. There were chairs fixed onto the wall, a 2nd floor section with a piano in it (this worked) and also on this built in 2nd floor was a small cubby hold chill out area.

Take a look at this crazy stuff..

We then requested that we stay in same room as Richard Ayoade however reception lady explained she cant give us same one, but something very similar. She upgraded us for free to our apartment. She took us to it. It was a nice sized apartment with again great artist stuff all over the place. We had a indoor tree house thing in our main room too with another bed in it – again why the fook you would put this up there i dont know but it added character.

Also many pics on the walls of windows etc drawn on were cool to look at…

We had our own kitchen area again with funky stuff drawn on the wallpaper. They gave us to big fans we we later found out was cuz it gets a tad bit warm in there although you can open windows, its just a warm place in general the city is.

Priced so low and with so much uniqueness too it i would deffo recommend it. Its right bang in the center, 2 mins walk away from airport bus drop off and its very safe in there (you scan your keyring thing they give you as a lock to get in ) The only drawback is that they dont except card but theres literally a cash converter place 30 seconds away so not a big deal really.






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