Budapest -Ruin Bars

Now again heard all about these places. Basically buildings that were bombed in ww2 , some of them were converted into bars / bar areas. We had to test this out.


Our first day consisted of us exploring. There are quite a few ruin bars, however the more popular ones are called “Szimpla Kert”.  These are in the Jewish Quarter. We made our way to this street and before we found the bar area we found a eating area. This is literally next door. This smallish area opens up and theres food stalls either side of it selling sausages, chimney cakes, Vegan food, meaty dishses.. basically theres a large selection. You buy what you want then at the bottom theres a seating area.

I purchased a “Forest” Burger. It was vegan and since we had been trying vegan stuff lately, I thought why not. Let test this fucker out. It cost about £6 for the burger and spicey wedges. It was pretty tasty if honest and VERYYYYYY messy! I alaso purchased a pint ere which was £1.80. Thats the kinda price you want!

Once we had eaten we made our way to the ruin bar next door. Now even the outside of this place looks amazing. Its very rustic.

We walked in and it just kinda opens up. The first area is inside and you walk threw kinda like a open alleyway thing where theres bars either side. Each bar has different themes, well I say themes, more like random stuff all over the place lol, either way each bar was VERY interesting to look at. You’ll be sitting on a snowboard in one room  and then enjoying your drink whilst sitting in a bathtub in another!

Here was the one with beanbags and projector..


Check out some of these crazy stuff we saw…


The bath was deffo one of the best seats ere…


Now when you walk threw the first section and keep walking it eventually opens up into an outdoor courtyard area. This area is where you can smoke, n chill outside and even sit inside an old car as a booth – no seriously im not kidding you, theres a friggin car in this courtyard you sit in! It does however get taken up pretty damn quick as everyone wants to sit in the damn car whilst drinking! grrr


You then notice as you look up that theres a 2nd floor. Again each bar has stuff in it. You think it may have ended here? Nope even the toilets are funky. If you blink youll miss them as there kinda desquised amongst the rest of the graffiti and strange stuff on the walls.


Now the alcohol prices in this place were pretty damn good. Your talking 800 hut (£2.29) for a pint and about the same for a short with a mixer.


Yup its Cum from a Unicorn, ok maybe not but still !  This is a shot drank by locals here.  This only cost 1000 HUF (£2.87). Its black and stinks of aniseed. Now taking the first sip of this was bad enough. Its not so much the taste to begin with, that I can handle..its the after taste of TAR that lerks on your tongue and wont go away thats friggin nasty! It took me a few attempts to drink this badboy ! Ang took the liberty of taking a before and after shot of me taking this sucker! YAK!


Now we returned to this ruin bar area on a Wednesday night and it was busy as hell. Good age range , different music in each bar, generally good atmosphere – obviously mainly all tourists.


Its a nice place to go and just wonder around each bar to see its theme as this area is like a museum. Its so interesting and on top of all the quirky stuff they have planted here, you have the rustic old brick that the buildings made of as a backdrop. Really does make this an interesting place to come and see. You dont even have to drink to come to here, just come and have a gander as its deffo worth it.

I will deffo come back to this area when i return to Budapest.  I love the fact that it has an eatery area next door too, so you can start the night tehre, or go there after a few drinks. Ive got to say ive NEVER been to a place like this area. Sure ive been to many themed bars, but this building hosts some amazingly decorated and interesting looking bars. Bear in mind this is not the only ruin bar section in Budapest. There are more bars. We didnt explore them as we didnt really have time too, but deffo will when im next ere.

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