Budapest – The Castle

So you can see the castle from the center of Budapest as its on top of a huge hill.

As you will notice there are 4 main bridges in Budapest. The castle is on the bridge with the lions heads either side…


Now at the bottom this is where they drop off all the tourists that are on bus. This is where you will be presented with the tram lift thing that takes you up to the top.  Its called the “Funicular” and it costs 1,800  HUF per person return (£4.91).


Now there are a few tourist operators down here that do collar you and try and get you to pay for there mini bus thing to take you to the top too, if honest there not badly priced. We saw the cue for the Funicular and decided to take them up on their offer as i think they only cost 2000 each and they took you all around the outskirts and dropped you off, and then came back every 20 mins to collect you so personally i think their good value for money.

So me and Ang hopped on this buggy thing and it took us around the outskirts. You go up the hill then towards the top you see the amazing castle. Its very white and Gothic looking. He dropped us off and told us where he would collect us.

Now there are s few areas where you pay to have access to them, such as inside the church and the top of the viewpoint, however personally i dont think you need to pay for the viewpoint one as you can get a really good view for free where you are.

The buildings surrounding this area are beautiful, some of the best ive seen. Stunning in fact.

Now at this point I needed the toilet so I went over and asked this bird who was serving ice cream. She said you can use ours for 1 euro, or if you buy an ice cream you can use it for free.,i then said “well how much are your ice creams?” she replied “1 euro” lol so naturally i paid this. Ice creams save many problems!


Now after this we went walking around away from this area and the other areas of the castle area. If honest the east side of the area isnt that interesting. Theres not alot there other than this cool statue.


One of the many cool things about Budapest is that they put water fountains around the area so you can just fill up your bottle.This is what we thought was the fountain, however later turned out to be the wrong place to fill up your bottle and the correct water fountain place was a tap about 2 mins away lol.  It was a hot day and the water was fine to drink and quite cold so nice so filled up me bottle.

We then decided to get sumet to eat. We found a nice restaurant place here. The good thing about this place was that considering this restaurant was right bang by the main castle, you would have thought they would charge a fortune for food? wrong they didnt. We paid exact same as if we would have in the center of Budapest. The restaurant was called “Kavehaz” . I paid 800 HUF (£2.29) for a large beer and a cheeseburger with bacon and chips for 2200 HUF (£6.32). So as you can see not badly priced..ok ok so they did charge service charge but even that wasn’t that expensive.

Bellys full we then explored the west side of the castle area. This is where the palace is. We came across this really nice statue of “a hunt” that was going on. It looked really detailed, as we were about to take pics we heard this trotting..and then to our left we saw 4 horsemen all dressed in uniform. They looked the biz! We waited and they walked up to the statue and said a few words and saluted it then trotted off. I got some cool pics of when this happened


The rest of the castle area is okish, but again nothing much more to see. We got the bus thingy back that dropped us off at the bottom.


We did notice that there was a bus you can take back into the center, so assuming you can get it up to teh castle too. This drops you off in teh castle area. It was the 16 bus. This could be the cheaper option and if honest would prob do this option if came again.


Now would I come back to the castle area again? prob not. The 2 x white buildings were very impressive however nothing else was that amazing. Sure the guards by the statue was a great photo, but i just didn’t get that “ump” about the castle area. I think you could spend 2 hours up there, then you’d wana get yaself back in the center of Budapest.


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