Budapest – Zugliget Chairlift

Cost: 1000 HUF ( £2.87) per person  / 600 HUF (£1.72)for a picture


…After a cool experience on the “Children’s Railway” we got off the train at the Janos Hill stop, This was literally in the middle of a forest.  We had to walk threw the forest up hill to get to the top. Now this walk aint amazingly hard, however it was a hot day so naturally stopped every so often. Walk in total took about 15 mins…then you get to the top.

Once at the top you walk around to the right and there is the chairlift building. You walk in and there is a machine where you get your tickets from. We paid 1000 HUF each which was bloody cheap i tell ya!. We then went outside where the man is and you give him the ticket. He then tells you to stand forward and then the chairlift basically hits the back of your legs so you sit down. He then puts the bar down and away we went.

This is the highest chair lift i’ve ever been on. Its not like the top of a mountain with snow on top or anything, but still its quite high.

Legs dangling we took in the scenery. It was beautiful, overlooking Budapest. It was also so so quiet.  Very peaceful.

You get past half way and your dangling above the trees in a forest. You can see all the forest tracks beneath you too.

As you get closer to the bottom, the forest disapears and you find out that your now actually going over peoples gardens. You can touch the tops of the trees with ya feet and its quite weird. Wonder if the people living there had any objections to this? maybe they assumed all would be great until 5 years later when the dreading demon chair-lift made its way above their gardens? Who knows, either way its quite cool.

Just before you get off you notice there a camera so smiles at the ready, there was no flash??? had it taken.. feck knows. We got off and walked inside the building.  It was sooo quiet, literally we were the only people in there. There was a women behind the counter serving snacks, and also a photo machine. We walked up to the photo machine and there we had our pic on screen. Now normally I dont bother with pics like this as attractions tend to charge £10 for an okish looking photo of you on a ride, however this photo cost £1.72… YES £1.72,, what the actual fook? It was amazing value for money. We asked the lady behind counter to print it off, she placed it in a cardboard cutout and away we went 🙂

There was a bus across the road here that went straight into the city.  The bus number was “291”. We paid the drive 450 HUF each (£1.29) and we were the only ones on the bus. It took us right bang in the middle of the city which is where we needed to be.

This trip was 100% worth it. You travel out the city, go up the hill and  experience the children’s railway that then takes you to the chairlift, then you get to ride down the hill on it with trees at your toe tips with great views, and all this barely costs a fiver each! Amazing value for money, amazing place, deffo recommend!



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