Over the past few years I have had a huge passion for Camping.

I started off with my mate Bob and we really enjoyed visiting campsites – mainly Shell Island in Wales. When I met Bec  I soon learnt she shared the same passion for Camping. Ever since we met we have been going on many camping trips up and down the UK. There are few more camping trips we want to do (which are on the bucket list) but below are the ones done so far.

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Funniest/rememberable moment: Leaking Tipi / The unbeatable horse had been beaten!

Marks our of 10 (10 being best): 4 –  if staying in a tipi  as they leak but added stove is pleasant for fires on cold nights! Please refer to my other review of this site when staying in a tent at this site!

Funniest/rememberable moment: Tealights in the forest and campfires/

Marks our of 10 (10 being best): 9 – only reason why its not a 10 is due to the facilities. I dont really use them as only stay for 1-2 nights but would be nice to have better showers. I would love to own a place like this!

Funniest/rememberable moment: The dog on the bear and getting the car out of the swamp!

Marks our of 10 (10 being best): 9 – not many people come here therefore the woods/river areas are practucally your own. The views are amazing on a sunny day. Pub up the hill and love the whole “river on one side, woods on the other”.

Funniest/rememberable moment: Been so many times however going there on Halloween was the best.

Marks our of 10 (10 being best): 7 – not much to do in the area and tends to get crowded on bank holidays. Really is worth while going to a less known site. Not allowed off the Island after certan time due to tide covering it.

Funniest/rememberable moment: Ring of fire and Supporting Eurovision with Irish accents.

Marks our of 10 (10 being best): 7 – not much to do in the area and site was very basic. If it wasnt for the odd bar down the main strip you could get bored. Couldnt stay there for more than 1 night.

Funniest/rememberable moment: Travelling down the 25% hill in a car and the ATM machine!

Marks our of 10 (10 being best): 4 – nothing to do around there and nearest ATM is half hour away and toilets werent clean.

Funniest/rememberable moment: Finding the “DIRTY DANCING” holiday park style place  alongside the river oh and hearing a woodpecker!

Marks our of 10 (10 being best): 5 – the campsite was okish but not much to do there. Think it needs an onsite bar and more entertainment. The surrounding area is beautiful however.





 Germany – Oktoberfest – Campingplatz Thalkirchen 

Funniest/rememberable moment: Eating a meter long hot dog , drinking steins with Germans and meeting Koreans.

Marks our of 10 (10 being best): 8 – This is the campsite not Oktoberfest. The site was very well maintained considering it catered for ALOT of people. There were drink machines on site, lots of food and lots of toilets. I cant really faulter this place much other than it didn’t have a a nice beach to walk too lol.

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