Funniest/rememberable moment: The dog on the bear and getting the car out of the swamp!

Marks our of 10 (10 being best): 9 – not many people come here therefore the woods/river areas are practucally your own. The views are amazing on a sunny day. Pub up the hill and love the whole “river on one side, woods on the other”.

One of the Bank Holidays we decided to go to Shell Island…however since it was Bank Holiday on the way there i decided to call them about availability. Turned out they were fully booked, so me and Bec decided to have a drive aroundthe same area in Wales for another campsite. Bec happend to see this one on the side of the road that looked like it had an amazing view of this lake.

Bontddu is the area! This is a great site! Its very basic and not well known however the surroundings are great. You are surrounded by Woods on oneside and a lake the other.

It features around 2 toilet blocks and 2 showers. The showers surprinsgly were amazing and no cue as hardley anyone seemed to come here..most likely because they have never heard or saw it before as it is kinda hidden off the road.

On arrival it started to rain and certan parts of the grassy areas were swampy. We drove there and witnessed a car getting stuck in the mud and had to have lots of people come push him out. We sat in the car whilst watching poor people in the rain trying to get this stuck car out of the soggy area.Finally after the owner getting his 4×4 he managed to pull them out…however then came up to us and suggested we move as it was very swampy after the rain. Little did we know how swampy our area was and when we tried to move the car…sure enough it was stuck! Some other campers came to our rescue and took 6 people + the owners 4×4 truck to actually get us out! It was actaully sunny on the way there and i didnt think to pack walking boots – only had my pumps so had to settle for 2 tesco bags over me pumps to “help” waterproof them lol


We soon got talking to the group who helped us and spent all day drinking with them meeting their families! We warmed up next to their camp Fire. Great group they were.


Me and Bec then decided to go exploring in the woods and found a really nice stream area with many picturesk things about.


On way back we found an area in the woods great for private drinking. Later that night we took a Lantern into the woods and went to the area we had found earlier. After a few drinks later and listening to the Travellers new album we were pretty pie eyed..and started making pictures out of things in the woods.  Bec saw alot of branches that looked like evil faces, i saw lots of branches that looked like Pokemon! But we both agreed these branches and Bushes deferenately looked like a Dog on top of a bear!

This site is a must. Deffo going to go back there and hopefully the family we met will be there since they always go. Its a hidden Gem..test it out!

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