This place is amoungst the Forest Of Dean.

We arrived and this campsite is amoungst some great Scenery. Turned up and there was a gate blocking our way. Had to run to reception grab a keycode then punch that into the gate.

Got in and set up camp on a spot next to some woods.

Spent a day here drinking and exploring the forest. Due to other camping trips with this tent leaking..i didnt want to be soaked again, so bout with me some waterproof plastic sheet. Placed it over the bedroom top and used a huge log to weigh it down 🙂

Then we drank till night playing drinking games and I got this shot of the moon and was actually pitch black when this was taken.

The next day we went to Symonds Yat area. In order to get there we stumbled across a small town alongside the river. We parked up. It was amazing. It kinda reminded me of the holiday town they went to in DIRTY DANCING?

It was beautiful and had some great bars alongside it. Lots of dog walkers, cyclinsts and climbers stopped off at the bars here. There are only around 2-3 bars ut they are so nice. The atmosphere is riff raff, just nice folk.oh and the old fashioned river taxi to get to the other side is a nice touch.

We found out that a river boat came here and took you up and down the river. Whilst waiting for this to come Bec saw a woman with a pug and just had to run over there and touch it…one by one more dog owners arrived and we got chatting to this older women who was on her own. She was into wild swimming and wild camping. What interesting chatting to her as added to what were going to do soon.

The boat then turned up. It was an old fashioned barge with tables inside. You sat at the table and a waitress served us tea 🙂 whilst the captain talked us through the histroy along the river. Whilst cruising along we saw 2 swans together which apparanly is a rarety..however then we saw 4 swans together so that just dont make sense! We also so many Canoe people doing tricks.



After the boat ride we cruised to the top of Symons Yat for the trail down the hill. Up there its a great view over the Valley. Kinda looks like the GREAT VALLEY in land before time dont you think?

We then cruised threw the forest and came across trail paths

Chose the easiest route and on the way down head but couldnt see a woodpecker! First time ive ever heard one.. sounds like a tree is creeking and about to fall down! Oh we also saw a dead mouse!

This is a beautiful place to go too. We really want to come back here and stay in the suites they have at the top of the nice bar. Its a good place to come in the Summer for a chillout. Not really a place for a piss up with ya mates!

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