Brean – Warren Farm

We decided to go to a seaside town called Brean. unfortunately the name of the site we stayed at we dont remember, however it was a standard site along the seafront. We decided to invite Bert and Dan along with us – who would be joining us in an hour or so.

Me and becci headed on down there. We turned up went to reception and we were greeted by the guy with a very strong accent! After booking in, we managed to suss out that he was saying ..something on the lines of “go out here, bridge , left”.. we decided to get in the car and search for this bridge…we found what looked like cattle crossing bars..drove over it then saw a field.. we took it that must have been the so-called bridge lol.

So we set up camp. We bought my big ass tent that takes a million hours to put up as we needed a tent big enough to cater for 4 of us playing the drinking games.

After getting the tent out Bert and Dan joined us..put their 2 man tent up in 40 seconds then proceeded to help us put up my tent (took about 2 hours).

Finally got it up..

We decided to start the drinking!!! RING OF FIRE was the game and boy was it a good one! (to find out how to play ring of fire please look on the about me page)

So far drinks such as wine and beer had been placed in the cup of death in the middle of the ring.  Dares such as “all must do rolly pollies outside” were soon dished out, oh and Becci was made to lie in the middle of the road for 30 seconds and act dead! – she got some weird looks!

Then Bert had the final dare..his dare was to ask next doors caravan to borrow some milk. He went next door whilst we all watched secretly from our tent..we saw Bert go up to the owner and then soon he was lured inside the caravan with the door shut! Visions of the caravan just driving off with Bert were soon thought of but luckily he came back unharmed!

We decided to add the borrowed milk to the cup of death. The one by one we all added things such as doritoes, tomato sauce, cream and i think the off fag ash in there too..either way it looked bloody horrible.


Now whoever broke the circle had to drink this…and luckily for us..BECCI had to drink it hahahahaha. I nearly threw up just smelling the damn thing and i believe so did she. But she did it! urghhhh!!

Later on we decided to hit the strip where some bars were. We found ourselves in one bar where Eurovision song contest was on TV. We thought it would be fun to all have IRISH accents and support Ireland and make a huge thing of it when they come on TV. We got chatting to local folk using our Irish accents and then later on decided to say bye to them all and tell them were actually English! shockingly some folk said they couldn’t believe it – was our Irish accents that good?


We then played fooseball and then hit the local Disco place where Dan got harassed by an old lady. anyhow some of this night is a blur as we were rather drunk but i do remember ending up on the Beach with Bert – sounds dodgy but believe me its not!

So this was one of the best camping trips..mainly down to the ring of fire game and the fun we had in the bars.

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