Doone Valley Campsite

To get to this place you have to go up a lot of Hills. I experienced driving up steepest hill ever which was gradient 25%!!! effin steep i tell ya. We arrived there and noticed a small bridge that we had to drive over, so did that and basically it was its own small village. After driving through we finally found the campsite.  This was the first campsite we used Becs new tent that she bought for £50 off a mate! It was awsome! We found a spot next to the stream.

This is a very relaxed policy in terms of paying. The women comes around the following morning to collect money.

Although very picturesk..theres not much to do at this campsite. It has your normal shower blocks etc (which werent that clean when i went in there for a piddle).

After reasliing the woman would come around in the morning, we then noticed that we didnt have enough cash on us (assumed they would either take card or atleast a cash point near by)…boy were we wrong. After finding out that none of the village shops did cashback nor had an ATM we went for a drive in search for the nearest one! Now this place is in the middle of no where. We ended up going down that 25% gradient hill to get to the nearest town…we could smell the brakes as naturally you have to hit them hard as your car would otherwise gather speeds of probbaly over 100 mph!! (you can just about make out the sign in this photo stating th gradient!

We finally found the ONLY.. yes ONLY bank place with an atm! Got money out and headed back.

Occasionally whilst camping..if its cold outside you really cant be arsed to go to the toilet in the freezing dark the solution is simple ..wee into something in the tent (look below – hehe )

On our back the next day we stopped off at the same town that we had found the ATM as it was right next to the Sea. There were lots of people about. We had our fish and chips (and coke for Becci). I stumbled across this one shop owned by an American dude. He sold biker jackets. I have always wanted a TOPGUN, style jacket but alot on the net are tacky as hell.. and in this shop i spotted a nice dark brown leather jacket with badges on the arms just like the one out of the film :). He was selling at £70 but managed to bargain him down to £60 as one of the zips was abit mashed on one of the pockets. This was quite a find and love wearing it 🙂

Theres lots of quirky shops here so worth the visit.

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