Fforest Fields Campsite

Name and address: Fforest Fields, Hundred House, Builth Wells, Powys, Tel: 01982 570406, http://fforestfields.co.uk/

Funniest/rememberable moment:Stumbling across a Biker Rally Festival and Bec placing duvet under us instead of on top causing us to freeeeeeeeeeeeze!


Location: 8/10 – Local village nearby with plenty of bars, lots of walks however no local beach.

Staff: 9/10 – Really friendly and the only reason why they werent a ten was due to the reception being unmanned and one time.

Price: 10/10 – It was £17 per night for 2 of us. In my eyes you pay for the faciliites and the toilets etc were great.

Features onsite: 9/10 – There were small ponds, rivers, woodland, clean toilets, showers, reception that sold food and helpful maps that were free. Only reason its not a ten is due to it not having a pub on site however there was one nearby.


We headed out early morning towards Wales. The sun was shining and I had me string vest and shades on!  This was our first camping trip of 2013 so we were excited. On our travels we had to cross a toll road on a cool looking bridge. It crossed a beautiful river.

Now Bec said if we found a quirky nice looking pub on the way, that we were to have a drink there. So on we drove to the village of Bulith Wells. We saw this pub to the right of us that looked quite quirky and for some reason had lots of Harley Davidson style bikes outside it so we thought Feck it, lets have a look. We noticed a parking space outside the front that we snuck into. . within minutes we had bikes parked at the front and back of us. It was clear something was happening in this village to do with bikes. We got out and just before we went inside, a tractor pulls up with a huge trailer holding about 30 old school bikers on it. They all gout out and went into the pub. Something was deferenately going on here. We decided to go around the back of the pub to see if there was anywhere else as it seeemd quite rammed in there and then all of a sudden we saw a long line of bikers lined up along the back of the Fountain pub. They were all there chilling in the sun and there were local bands playing. This was my kinda scene!. We got a drink and chilled out the back with the bikers listening to the likes of Greenday, Metalica and Nirvana played by the band. There were tattoos, leather jackets, bikes and beards everywhere. We later found out this was part of  the “No Bull, just beer and bikes” rally festival. The sun was gleaming down on us, I had my tattoo showing and Bec had her nose pearcing (so we kinda fitted in lol ).  We came back to this festival the next day and spent longer along the lake.  It was cool.

We went to the campsite and was greeted by a nice women who checked us in and we then drove to a spot along the fence. It was a huge campsite. Lots of room. The owner even told us that they dont book all the spaces as they want people to have space which I thought was a nice a idea.  The sun  was still really hot and no wind. We set up camp easily, showed Lance the sites and took in the local scenery. Paragliders came here too to sail into the field across from us. There was a local wood next to us too in which we went night walking in later.  It was time for something to eat and Bec had bought THIN SAUSAGES – AHHHHHH I normally only like thick ones, however these proved to be rather tasty :). Bec had bought her watercooler and when washing up kinda looked like an olden day peasant with a water pump hehe. Look below.

The 1st night sleep was very cold. I had my hat, scarf around mouth, vest, t shirt, hoody and coat on and socks – and was still freezing! I couldnt believe how the temperature dropped that much over night – now then there was a reason why we were so cold. The following night me and Bec were abit pissed and merry and we decided to cuddle in bed. Now I said to Bec its a shame that the cover we had was not thicker as this may be the reason why we were so cold the previous night. . I then paused and said “why have we not go the usual quilt on us, why have we got a thin sleeping bag over us?” in which Bec replied “the quilt is underneath us!”… so whilst setting up the bed Bec had put them the wrong way around…  to that we both laughed as we couldnt believe that we had both been sleeping ON the nice thick duvet having this thin as shit sleeping bag cover over us! We soon changed them around and funny enough I wasnt cold the 2nd night. . however this time it was the wind that kept us awake – which was not Becs fault lol.

On the Sunday we decided to go for a trail walk to the local pub. We took a map from reeption. We walked along the road where we got Baaaaad at by lots of sheep, and saw some great hills lol. At 11:!5am we were the first to arrive at the bar. Bec set me the challenge of ordering an Orange Henry in which was orange juice and lemonade – to see if they new what it was. The barmaid looked at me puzzled and asked what is that – so clearly an ORANGE HENRY is a Stroud thing as I hadnt a clue either.  So there we were sitting outside this pub on a clear blue sky day drinking  Orange Henrys. Whilst sitting there we were joined by 2 horses and their riders who tied the horses up and had a few bevies and then went – now ive heard of pub crawls on bikes and buses etc but never on horses – what a cool idea.

We had a great couple of days here. The weather was awsome and finding the Biker rally added to yet another unique trip for us.

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