Hereford – Hollybush Inn

We found this site when looking for campsites amongst forests. We also later found out that it was also featured on “HOTEL INSPECTOR” – which you can understand why on the episode however since the episode this place has made some great changes.

To find this place you will see the Hollybush Inn pub first of all. Pulled into the car park and was greeted by a peacock!

We then found Barbara the on site owner. Now she is quite a character. I think she was a hippy type lady back in the day as she walks around bare footed..but you can tell straight away she’s very laid back and really a nice genuine kinda lady.

We then cruised down to the sign in desk and paid. We noticed to our left was a field and toilet blocks where you can camp normally but we wanted the forest so continued on straight into the small forest area. We found ourself on top of the hill. The forest kinda goes down the hill and then the river Wye is then at the bottom. We saw Tipis here which looked amazing. We decided to park and setup camp around by the Tipi area. This area is MINT!  It looks like one of those American camps where they have logs to sit on and all sing songs around the camp fire. There were 3-4 Tipis all varying in size. A hen night actually had the big one. Me and Bec loved the look of them and said we must bring a group here and stay in a Tipi (which we actually did if you check out the main camping page)

We attempted to put up the tent however the ground being woodland area.,.was very tough.. Stones under the dirt so due to us not being able to get many pegs into the ground….we used big bricks to hold down the back area.

Once setup we decided to go walkabout. We wandered down to the river and noticed a nice bench. We sat down and noticed that you could go canoeing there. Lots of people were here. I then glanced further on down and noticed a cool looking spot right on the river with a tire swing.. We later returned here after a few beers with our deck chairs and used the tire swing.

Later on it got dark so we decided to head back up the hill to the tent and then walked back to the main entrance where the onsite pub was. This place was brill. They featured a live band on and it was full of all the other campers who are all friendly folk. They have an onsite piano..which kept calling me to play it but I resisted.

We headed back in pitch black and tried to find our tent in the woodland area. On the approach to where the Tipis were, we noticed alot of tealights had been placed around the campfire section in the middle of the area our tent was. .I think they were placed there to help guide you from the dark to your tent – very nice touch (either that or someone had lit them earlier and completely forgot to blow them out ha). We found our tent with help from the tealights and then went to bed.

We woke up and literally around 11am everyone had gone and these guys come around and collect the rubbish thats left behind in that section of the woods. Me and Bec got talking to the owners son as he was helping clear up. He sat down with us and gave us both a beer and chatted to us about general shit really. Really nice chap. We all sat down on the logs by the campfire section.

This place is my favourite campsite so far.  I love how it has the woodland section and the grass section and the added bonus of having its own private access to the River Wye. I love the onsite bar. I wouldnt use the showers however as they didnt seem that great, but other than that a great place to stay.  In all we came here 3-4 times. One which we stayed in a Tipi and another time on my Birthday where we stayed in another section of the woods which is purely tents and no Tipis.



This site has so much fun stuff to do on it, So thought id let you in on some of the hidden goodies. For starters when you first drive in you will see in the pub garden has a Trampoline built into the ground and a undefeatable horse

Cruising on down into the woods you then have numerous tyre swings and climbing things and also the tyre swing by the river is cool


You then of course have the campfire areas in the woods which add to that American style you see off the movies.

Then you have the onsite bar and canoes. If you still get bored then speak to Barbara and she will put you in contact with local firms offering quad biking etc.

This plot of land does not seem that big as has no huge fields etc..but the area it has is very well positioned. Not many campsites allow you to build fires anywhere near woodland areas – so again quite a find!

Seriously this private plot of land that you have access too has so many different spots in the woods you can setup camp. Its a Gem.

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