Hereford – The Hollybush Inn – Staying in a Tipi

Funniest/rememberable moment: Leaking Tipi / The Inbeatable horse had been beaten!

Marks our of 10 (10 being best): 4 if staying in a tipi  as they leak but added stove is pleasant for fires on cold nights! Please refer to my other review of this site when staying in a tent at this site!

We stayed here in a Tipi which was great fun. There were a bunch of us staying here. Me and Bec had the Tipi whilst the others had their tents. It was completely empty in the TIPI when we arrived however after putting the comfort things like the airbed etc in it soon looked cool .

Whilst placing stuff in the Tipi and elderly couple who were passing through the woods asked if they could look inside..after a while me and Bec chatted to themand realised they were like an older version of us 2. They had been travelling all over and had many stories to tell.Was really nice meeting them so heres a pic.

Wastn long until the others turned up and  the “RING OF FIRE” card drinking game commenced and then the party really started to get messy! Mistaches were drawn on everyone using Marys and Becs Eyeliners all ready to visit the onsite pub with live band.


This is what we got up to in the local onsite pub 🙂

I was woken at 4am in the morning by a leaking TIPI. It decided to rain that night and that tipi was not waterproof! Wasnt happy but was too hung over to care!

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