Shell Island

Shell Island is the “Original” campsite that ive been going back to for years now. This is where I started camping with Bob. Its an island near Barmouth. You drive onto it and at night the sea surrounds the island meaning you cannot leave it – true story!

It has its own beach and the reason why its called Shell Island is because funny enough theres lots of Shells on the beach.. as in Millions more than you would see on a standard Beach.

I cant write about all of the experiences here as theres so many so instead I will write about the more memorable times and put some other unique pictures of other times we have been on here too.

The best time at Shell island was on Halloween. We found out one year that the island host 2 – 3 bands on the island and have a huge canopy with bar etc – it had to be tested out.

Me, Bob, Kal, Mezza, Mary, Dan and Bec came here. This was our tent setup and heres Kal chilling in my car.

As it got darker on the Island the rain came. We all decided to get in our seperate cars and then call each other off our mobiles shouting abuse at each other – that was quite fun!

As the rain stopped we decided to dress up and head out to the Canopy.

This is what we looked like (me = Lepracaun, Bec = Witch, Kal = Freddy, Mezz = evil catwomen, Dan = scarecrow, Mary = evil nurse, Bob = Frankistein.)


Heres the video I made

These are pictures of a place near to Shell Island that features its own waterfalls. Its called Nantcol Waterfall campsite – this is a campsite that we would like to come to as its beautiful however always full. We never camped here we just went on the walks to see the waterfalls.

The cowtent is Becs and this was our first camping trip ever here.

If your wondering why im holding 3 – 4 cans taped together its because we were playing “wizards thatch” drinking game also check out the crab we found.. it was HUGE!!!

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