Climbing The Wrekin

Well since it was the start of October and weather was getting worse, we decided it was time to do one of our last climbs in the UK.

We chose the Wrekin which is in Telford. We knew this was a small walk but figured we may be able to find a more…”challenging” route somewhere.

Our starting point was The Huntsman Pub, Wellington Rd, Little Wenlock, Telford, Shropshire TF6 5BH. This is a great starting point as you can park your car here, start one of the walks here and of course have a pint once your done walking.

We got our gear together and we were ready for the walk to begin.

IMAG0142 1376582_10151939154135460_1543775475_n

We walked down a main country road at first which was mainly downhill. Not knowing what direction the Wrekin was in, we hoped for signposts..however none came along within the first 20 mins of walking.


I then stumbled across a post to the left hand side that said “Public Footpath”. Now this would lead us away from the country road however looked slightly more challenging as it led into a forest. After lots of debate we chose this route.

We eventually stumbled across a sign attached to a tree that said this


Right next to it was a sign that stated public footpath so we decided to follow the footpath sign and go into a farmers field.

We eventually came across some sheep.. and we walked up the hill when all of a sudden we saw a heard of sheep in single file emerging from another field. At first we figured a farmer was hearding them.. however under close observation this was not the case.. there was no farmer in site…WEIRD!

IMAG0147 555871_10151939155315460_67558099_n

We then entered a forest area. This was when we had a bite to eat. Frosty with his Vegetarian Sausage and Bacon as usual, Bob with his 10 sandwiches and me with my 2 ham sandwiches and cereal bar!.

We then came to 2 tracks – one to the left and one to the right. Which one were we to take? Frosty said left so we decided to go with that so that me n Bob could blame him if we ended up being raped by a Yetti!

We headed down the forest path and came across a runner.. who stated we could get to the top of the Wrekin this way, however would involve us climbing up a steep forest area . We decided to continue and within minutes we noticed a “slight” path way leading up the side of this HUGE forest hill area. It did look dodgy as fook, however after 10 mins debating we decided to go for it,


After 15 mins of climbing this steep forest hill area we noticed fog emerging and could no longer see the bottom. This was definitely a scene from the Blair Witch.

The ground was slippery and muddy as it was raining. I used the trees to help me up and keep my balance as this forest walk was bloody steep! We came across a huge rock half way up and so decided to climb onto it and have a picture taken using Frostys Gorilla Tripod.


The mist was getting quite severe at this point and the chance of a Yetti emerging was getting greater. We did notice that above us there was an opening to what seemed the top so we hiked on.

Finally we were above the trees and into the nettle / bushes. We walked up abit more over grass and there it was.. the SUMMIT!!! hurrar.


It was quite comical when we got to the sumit as there were other walkers who were coming from the left and the right – but none coming from our route – this was probably because our route was not an “official”route lol.

We then decided to go down one of the official routes. This route was so easy as it was all down hill. We came across some footprints that were larger than a mans.. it could only be one thing.. Yes the YETTIs!! They had obvioulsy existed here so we were thankful that we did not get attacked this time! lol

A short walk later and we came across a tree swing which Frosty went onto and then straight after said his fingers smelt of shite. ..hahaha.


We came across a small house which i think was the half way house.. that had a wooden horse and carriage outside.

IMAG0157 IMAG0158

After walking for abit more we heard cars and there was the road. We saw a sign for the Huntsman Inn and so new which direction to walk. It was a mile and a quarter walk up country roads when we finally saw the start of our route so we knew we werent far.

Over the hill the Pub emerged and we were straight in there for a pint oh and crisps.

Once I got home I was knackered and for some reason had a craving for McDonalds.. so I just had to go out and get these all to myself whilst I watched a film 🙂


I think had we not of done our own route, this walk could have been slightly boring for us. The route we did take was great fun and scary in parts, however made it that bit more rewarding! Great fun.


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