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This was my second time here. This time we went as a family with my sisters husband and my best mate Bob.

We caught the train which was about 5 hours journey from Wolverhampton to Edinburgh Waverly station.

We arrived about 12:30 mid day and as soon as we came out the station we were greeted by my Sisters friends Bryan and Abey. They were from this end so were great tour guides for the next few hours. As soon as you walk out the station you are on the main street and you see this huge Gothic spire looking building. It was rather impressive

We then checked into our hotel


The Travel lodge Hotel

Cost: £157 for 2 people for 3 nights

We arrived at the Travel Lodge hotel on Rose Street. There was no receptionist. We waited for ages..still no sign. We noticed bags behind reception too. No buzzer no nothing. I even lent over the counter to see if there was a hidden buzzer and then alarm went off – even after 5 minutes still waiting there was no one there.

We then had to leave the place and carry our bags to the nearest boozer where we tried out an ale called “FIVE FISHES”. It was rather tasty. We ate and went back to the hotel where finally there was someone there!

Hotels were basic but nice n clean.


Breakfast – Where to go!!!

So we looked everywhere for a breakfast and could not find one. We ended up in the street at the back of the Travel lodge we were staying at. It cost us £10.95 for a basic one then you had drinks on top – although it was nice it was way too pricey.

Now heres a tip… we later found out BHS do an all you can eat for £3.99 – YES £3.99!!! up to 10 items to choose from. This is such a good deal. Now we didnt get to experience it but what could go wrong? Even if drinks were not included this is still a great price!!!

So next time deffo going to BHS!!!


 Can you Escape

Address: 5 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh EH8

Website: https://canyouescape.co.uk/

Cost: £12.50 each




So I have heard about this company. Apparently its world wide???

The idea is simple – bung you in a room for an hour and you have to get out / complete a mission by following clues.

There was 6 of us. We got there and the receptionist took us downstairs. She told us that the room were about to go into was a crime scene where an evil doctor had hidden the forumla for a secret anti body for a deadly disease. It was our job as agents to find this forumala that was hidden in a safe somewhere.

She gave us a walkie talkie in which she would communicate with us ever so often.  We walked into a living room kinda area.. the hunt was on for our first clue.!








There were lots of padlocks all over the place so clearly we needed combination numbers.  the lady had told us that we could make as much mess as we wanted so we all got to it.. searching for numbers behind paintings and in the books etc.


We found a hidden mobile phone, water tap and a map indicating there was another room! Fiddled with the book case and there was a secret door to another room!








Now several clues later we were so close with getting into the safe.. however time out. We were minutes from getting the key! It was behind the white door that you had to use the cane with the magnet to get the key from the other side of it 😦

The rooms get messy as you kinda chuck things around.. but be careful as you can also be chucking away valuable information.. there was a stage where we wore alot of the props too.. hehe

This was such a great experience as you work as a team, trying to solve things. It was so good and well worth the money. Would love to do the other rooms!

 Edinburgh Castle

Ive been here before, however still good 2nd time around. You really do get a feel as to how it was back then. Theres prisons, dungeons n all sorts. Its a good piece of history there. I love the canons! We didnt witness the canon going off as the only day it doesnt go off is Sunday…and today was Sunday!

This place is impressive to look at up close and afar!

The Ghost Bus Tour

Website: http://www.theghostbustours.com/edn/edinburgh.html

Cost: £14 pp – students – no ID needed!

I have saw this bus before. Its an old black one. We arrived at 7:30pm only to be greeted by a bus with a smoke machine inside. We chose to sit at the top where we were greeted by our conductor (freaky looking dude). We all sat down. There was horror music in the background on the speakers. Mum n Dad looked scared!


We then set off where the conductor got on the speakers and told us about the tour and started telling us about ghost stories around the City.  Now alot of things happen on this tour which are clever. He used a pre recording device that had the “so called” driver on it who spoke in a demonish voice. So the conductor would ask the driver something and then this voice would respond. Also there was CCTV everywhere so you could see the conductor when he was downstairs. He would look into the camera whilst he was narrating and that was displayed on the TV screen in front of the bus.

We got off at the graveyard where he told us of stories and walked around there for abit then headed back to the bus.

One stage he shouted at the bus driver saying he had gone the wrong way and started panicking as there was a bridge.. then as we went under it you heard LOUD scraping noises (fake obviously – but still very clever).

The conductor also would wonder around the bus and he sat next to me saying I looked brave and that he was going to come for me later 😦

We drove past the cemetery by the Bobby Dog statue and this is said to be the most haunted Graveyard in the world and also has the most bodies in it! Interesting shit!!!

We then ended the tour with him telling us to close the curtains and do a seance kinda thing…which all went wrong as a ghost then took over the speakers and CCTV and he panicked and disappeared. You then saw the ghost on the tv screens walking up the stairs trying to claim her seat… it was quite freaky.. but brill.

This was the end of the tour and we tipped the conductor as he was a really good actor!


 Under The Stairs Restaurant

This was right opposite a hostel near the Bobby pubs. You could easily miss it. You basically go down some stair into an open room (hence the name).

We sat down. The interior could be better for the theme, like maybe have things you keep under the stairs on the walls as props or something? This place was abit plain.


However the food was good. We ordered Keema balls for starters and then chicken for main. Average price was £14 per person per meal.

This place was ok, but again not really anything inside relating to the theme so probably wouldnt go again.

Deans Village

This was my mums idea! Its about 20 minutes away from the main Center. We walked there. Basically its a small village that looks kinda pretty. Personally I didnt think it was worth the walk, but if you like small as in really small villages with a few quirky buildings then go for it. I prefer larger villages as to be honest this place didnt have that many cool looking buildings.

Quirky Bars Worth Going Too In Edinburgh

Jekyll and Hyde – Address: 112 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH2 1DR

This place is rather cool. Lots of horror things in here. I like it in here as you have to try and find the toilet. Now there was a large large bookcase to the left at the top of the stairs.  I was intrigued so started to try moving the books and there was one larger that the other.. if you push it you find the entrance to the toilets 🙂

I love bars like this that are unusual. The prices of food was around £7.95 each or you can get 2 x meals for £8 (theres about 6 dishes to choose from). Me and Bob had the 2 for £8 and they were large portions!!

This place is cool as its one of those bars you can just sit down and look at all the props and shit – very interesting!



Frankenstein Bar – Address: 26 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, Midlothian,  EH1 1EN

This is a really cool bar. Word of warning thow if your like us you may try and go through the wrong entrance. There is a sign saying this entrance leads to the bar but its actually their back entrance. We tried to open the door but there was no chance!

We walked up the hill and to the left and there we had it – THE MAIN ENTRANCE – You cant miss it as there’s a huge Frankenstein man there holding the door!












You walk inside and there is a projector displaying black and white movies of the film and lots of weird horror music. They have a lager named after this bar which is okish!!

Now again this another place your in and you look around and the props are interesting. If you stay there long enough the music will change and Frankenstein comes down from the ceiling in his bed, gets up looks around and goes back to sleep then goes back up !


Most Haunted Graveyard

So by all the Bobby the dog statues and pubs there is a graveyard. This is said to be the graveyard with the most bodies in it and the most documented graveyard in the world!

We walked around it. Its said to be haunted by the Mackenzie poltergeist.This place is very eerie looking and you can imagine at night is very scary. The graves are very impressive and the guy who Voldemaut was based around is also here. The pic below is me next to his grave, along with us lot looking scared!



This cemetery isnt all scary thow, as there is Greyfriars Bobby Dogs statue at the front. This dog is said to have sat on his owners  grave every day until he died himself. Very cute dog and people have put branches there outside his grave just in case his spirit wishes to play Stick :). Very lovable dog! Also if you touch the statues nose it is said to bring you luck!










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