Rate out of 10: 8 = Lots to see and do here to keep you entertained. Only thing that’s wrong with this place is not too much to do at night. The resort caters for most entertainment but at night there was not much atmosphere.

Funniest /most memorable moment: Quite a few but main ones were Russian couple,  Quad biking in the desert having my organs jugger up and down at 100 mph and having the camel run off with me on top!  


Always wanted to go to Egypt. Me and Bec noted all the things we wanted to do there and then booked 5 days away there.

We opted to stay in Sharm El Sheikh. We weren’t going here for a relaxing holiday, more of an adventurous / sightseeing holiday.

The Resort – Cleopatra Luxury Resort

There are so many 5 star resorts here that we really had to go with the resort with great trip advisor reviews and within budget. We turned up at night and once checked in the guy gave us a tour of the complex on a mobile golf cart which was cool. This was the first resort we stayed at with one of those Infinity pools.  You literally look out to sea as your resting on the side of the pool. We also had a friend called Joey – the inflatable Walrus – who neither of us could get on in the pool.

We also had luxury hammocks and beds that were spaced around the pool.One night me and Bec decided to take a bottle of wine to one of the hammocks at night and do abit of star-gazing. That was great.


This resort had everything you needed in it. It even had its own nightclub underneath it. We went slightly out of season so was very quiet at the resort. We sat down outside the main restaurant area and chilled with some beers and wine, when we noticed the Shisha pipes that could be rented. Naturally we had one.


Whilst Shishing, this Russian girl came over and started chatting stating she was with her bf here and was her first night and was bored already. She asked if her and her bf could join us. The famous phrase from her was “shall we have a few drinks, maybe a dance and .. errrr i dunno?” hahaha – you can see why i thought she was a swinger at first! So we let them. Unfortunately the BF didn’t speak a word of English which was funnier when we were all abit tipsy as she kept having to translate ha. They were a good couple. We chilled with them in the nightclub. The nightclub had great furiniture and props in it. All reds and Blacks. It was kinda in the basement area of the bar – as you can see in one of the pics, the stairs leading down to it.

This resort had its own private beach too with a pier where you can go scuba diving or snorkeling. One day we came back from an excursion and were greeted by the manager of the place (i think). He was very talkative and told us he wanted to show us a secret area of the resort by the beach (all i kept thinking is how much does this guy want tipping?) He took us to these 2 “hidden” sunbeds which overlooked the beach. It was a beautiful spot and we returned there later on in the trip.


Our room was great. It was on the ground floor and on the front was a path straight to the pool. 2 of the nights there we ordered room service and had dinner outside on our patio with a bottle of wine. I had Kebab skewers and i believe Bec had Tuna / Fish. It was bloody gorgeous!

On the last day there we opted to try to catch the sunrise on the beach whilst sitting at this private spot. We got up one morning at 5am ran down to the beach to try to catch the sunrise. We got to the spot then realise we could not see any sight of the sun..i then had a brain wave and figured what if this spot was actually facing the wrong way? (as only half the beach was revealed) so we quickly ran down to the actual beach and had the full view then. We waited and finally there it was.. the beautiful sun in the beautiful blue sky!  Although we were still tired, it was a great experience.

With all the excursions below, they were booked via a company named

“Sharm Excursions” –

I am happily advertising their site on my blog as this company is brilliant. Great prices and reliable.


Excursion 1 – Quad biking in the desert + Bedouin camp


This was half a day. Collected from hotel and then into the desert. We all got on the quads and had the scarfs wrapped around us. I placed on me shades and then we were ready to go. There was a dude there with a camera who filmed the entire trip. A clip of us are below on the video.

We all started off in single file and then the leader started his engine. We all followed. Bec was in front of me. I think it was 2 minutes into the trip that i had to harsh brake to avoid hitting into Bec and the person behind me bumped into me. hehe. Anyways we continued down the dirt track then there it was.. the desert! Open space. We all upped our speed (around 20mph). The ground got bumpy as we started getting further away from civilisation. It was damn hot there! I was cruising along then suddenly there it was.. a dead camel. It was then that it truly hit me where we were! The desert..where things die! LOL


We started to speed up and we hit a really bumpy spot. Now this really messes with your insides. You really feel your organs bumping up and down fast. I noticed Bec standing up on her bike – i couldn’t let her upstage me so i did the same. It actually helped the organs move less.

We then stopped and went to this open spot between mountains where you all shout your name and it echoes. Quite freaky. some bedouin Kids came out of one of the few huts you see placed about in the desert and sold us some wristbands.

We then cruised out to a bedouin camp. We parked up our quads and then sat us down. I made some funny army faces in my scarf.

They made us their tea. It was very sweet!

They then had a camel show us a trick where you give him a bottle and he knocks it back. Quite funny! I wonder what would happen if you gave him 10 bottles of beer?

We then hoped back on our quads and cruised onto this other spot. Now up until now we didn’t really have chance to unleash what the quads could do. We all cruised around in a circle but still were keeping to around 20mph. I thought fook this i wana see what the quad can do, so i floored it around in the circle and skidding all of the place, losing the back-end on purpose..i was told to stop 😦

We then cruised back. This was a great experience. Defernately recommend it.


Excursion 2 – The Pyramids – Nile Cruise – Museum


We opted to get the plane to Cairo as it was less time. Got up nice and early, got to airport, hoped on plane then greeted at Cairo airport by the guide. We hoped into the mini bus and as we drove into Cairo we noticed the roads are sooo busy! I would hate to drive in a place like this. They all seem to love their horns too.. not sure why they kept paping each was almost like they were all communicating via horns???

Our first stop was the famous Egyptian Museum. We took Rose with us on this trip. She had her pics taken with a few of the statues outside. Inside the museum we learnt all about the differences between all the different gods etc. One thing I remember is that people were buried with their possessions and had their name wrote on their tomb. This was so that when they go to heaven people know who they are and they can be reunited with their loved ones. If someone didnt like that person, they would sneak into their tomb and scribble off their name so that in heaven their soul would be lost – how cruel!


We were then taken to see Tutankhamun 3-4 tombs. We then went into the high security section that featured his famous 3 coffins. Quite a site!

From the museum then guide said to get to the riverside restaurant we can either go by mini bus or by boat along the Nile – me and Bec both looked at each other and grinned and said “were deferentially going down the river Nile – how cool! We got on board the boat and cruised on the NILE. We had out egyptian pose photos taken too. The Nile is cool as features some huge unique looking boats on it. Amazing to actually be on probably one of the most famous rivers in the world.

We then arrived at out restaurant and had buffet style food. We then hopped back on the minibus and cruised towards the Pyramids. Now the surrounding area to the pyramids aint the best! Lots of rubbish. We then noticed the pyramids in the distance. They looked brill. They were big, but not as big as youd think.

We then saw the Sphinx. It has had its nose bitten off by a flying dinosaur (not really but since they dont actually know where his nose has gone, i thought id make my own story up too)

Now surrounding the pyramids are lots n lots of people selling stuff like pyramids and statues. We were warned about these people as they were said to be very persistent..however being a sales person I actually quite liked them. I had some right fun with some of them. Had 4 guys following me all trying to sell this statue to me and Bec and in the end Bec got it for next to nothing (she actually wanted it). You will also see a few of the locals on Camels who will try to get in on your picture in the background so that they can charge you money. There was a really funny situation where we witnessed a girl trying to take a pic of her bloke by the pyramids and a guy on the camel saw them,  trotted towards them and said “Ill just stand in the background for you”, they kept saying no no no and he said “its ok, ill just stand here” .. he was so persistant but so funny to here him say it lol. He eventually moved.

Tip if you want to buy something here:

I needed to get a magnet for me Mum and saw one i wanted. I saw one and the guy started at a stupid high price.The trick is to have a price in mind and then try to get below that (lol). They wont let you have it at the stupidly low price so walk away. Once you walk away they follow you. Have a joke with them, as they will be VERY cheeky so show them that your cheeky aswel..saying things to them like “your having a larf aint ya” or ” i can get it cheaper on ebay” and in the end they WILL give in! If you want to get rid of them just start singing to them!

One magnet and one statue purchased and we were back on the mini bus back to the airport.

We got to go inside one of the pyramids. There were pure hieroglyphics inside. There were parts where we had to duck and dive to get to other rooms. You can see in number 2 and 3 picture how small its was.  If you dont like small places, stay away lol

This is a must do trip. Its great to see the pyramids up close and to experience true Cairo people. The museum and Nile cruise are a must!


Excursion 3 – Snorkeling and Camel Riding


We started this trip with a jeep safari in the desert. It was very bumpy. We then visited the Bedouin people again for some tea. We then headed out to the BLUE HOLE. This is a famous snorkeling spot in Egypt. We arrived and straight away you notice the “blue hole” in  the sea as it’s really light blue. Alongside the seafront are lots of bars /shops where divers from all over come and get their equipment from etc.

The guide insisted that you must wear sea shoes or flippers as its dangerous due to the coral. So we rented some sea shoes and the snorkeling gear. Now this was Becs first time snorkeling and since she had a fear under water I knew i had to be look after her. So we slowly lowered ourselves into the sea. Straight away you can feel the coral beneath your feet. After a small walk into the sea you can finally swim and thats when we started snorkeling. I had Becs hand in one hand – guiding her and making her feel safe and the other hand was used swimming. It wasnt long until Bec let go of my hand and was happy going off on her own.


Now this is a great experience. I saw so many fish here. The further down you go the more different species of fish you see.

We then got out had a walk up these huge nearby rocks and then had some dinner.

After this we were given the option to ride on camels.. me and Bec said Hell yeah were doing that.

We walked up to the awaiting camels sitting down. Now then the group of “guides” then got to choose who they would be placing on their camels. This uy came over chose me. I was the first guy on the sitting down camels. Now I dont know too much about camels and as soon as i sat down on that Fooker, he stood right up. It scared the shit out of me as i didnt expect it right away.


We then all joined our camels together and trotted alongside the seafront. I think Becs was called Maradonna or something like that. I learnt that Camels actually live a hell of a long life.

Now sitting on a Camel aint the most comfortable experience for a guy. Basically they hurt ya balls as its a rock solid wooden seat your on. Now I passed comment to the guide who had the rope in his hand to my camel, saying how they were quite slow and he said “whats that you wana go faster?” he then proceeded the let go of the camel and slap his ass.. now this was the scary part. …Camels can run fast! It wasnt the fact that i was on a camel, unguided running really fast that scared me was the pain on my balls! You imagine bopping up and down really hard on a wooden seat! OUCH. After a few laughs the guide finally caught up with my runaway camel and got hold of his rope again (cheeky fecker).

Now when it was time to get off the camel,thats a technique you gotta learn in itself. You gotta hold onto the seat front and lean back then quickly jump off.

I got off and looked around at Bec and once she got off she then found out how the camel had left a nice wet stain on her bottoms haha.. most likely piss or sweat!

We then jumped back into the mini bus and on way back stopped at the panoramic view point.  Not sure what this place was called but it overlooked a huge area of a town and sea.

NOw also on the way back we witnessed something disturbing. Something that will stay in my mind for a long time. We noticed a few police cars along side the freeway that we were on (with desert either side). We had to slowly cruise pass and as we did we noticed a small van that had been in an accident. The entire front was crushed and on the floor were 2 dead bodies! Wasnt the nicest thing and trust me after seeing that i was praying our journey back to the hotel would be safe. . i dont think they had seat belts on as they were actually a few meters in front of their van meaning they must have been flung out the window – RIP.

Egypt was a great place to go too. Me and Bec were so proud as to what we got to experience in the short time were were here. We managed to get everything done that we wanted to see. Food was cheapish here too. There is no reason for us to want to go back really. I know many people come here for a relaxation holiday, however if we wanted that we would probably just pay half the price to somewhere like Spain. We saw many people always by the pool each day. In my eyes whats the point in going all the way to Egypt if your just going to sit by the pool all day? Get the fook out there and see things!

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