Rate out of 10: 10 – Not many places get this rating however this place is amazing. So much to do – cant list them all. Bangkok gives you a great taste of a different culture and further south the Island gives you beautiful beaches and the full moon party!  You also get to touch fully grown tigers here and take pics with them.

Funniest /most memorable moment: There are so many, but probably funniest was seeing Daz (London guy ) smashing the pool cue on the floor and go go bar girls looking worried. Memorable is witnessing gun shots in street in Bangkok and getting to have my pic taken with several fully grown tigers.


FIRST of all, this page contains alot of writing. Mainly due to the fact we did so much here. We had some great experiences. Now I havent reviewed every bar / club /person we encounterd. The topics underlined and in Bold are the things we experienced that have a story behind them or just worth mentioning. So those are what you will find on this page.

Well what can I say about this place other than WOWZA!! This is defernatley one of my favourite holidays ever. Me and Bob went for 10 days here. I have split this page into sub headings so its easy reading.

First of all the Iterinary was as follows!!

(pic of iterinaly Bangkok to south of island )

The flights

We flew with Emirates to Dubai and then to Bangkok. The first flight from UK was an experience! We got to Birmingham airport late at night and there werent many people there. We went through the bagges checking area and were approached by this geeza in a suit. He was clearly a FED!. He was asking us all sorts of questions like “how long you going to Thailand for” .. “what you doing over there” etc. Kinda weird but we just played along and he soon left us.. I mean really even if we were drug smugglers we aint gunna come out and say it are we!


The plane over to Dubai was great. There was hardley anyone on the flight, meaning we had choice of seats. I had a word with the air hostess and she said the best ones are the seats by the fire exit. . so we chose them and mannnn were they cool. There was a HUGE amoung of room in front. Check the diagram ive drawn below to show ya hehe.

We were treated with free drinks, food etc and we evenly cheekly  made sure we got our moneys worth by getting free toilettreis off the air hostess hehe. We had access to our own computer screen and could dial any seat in the aircraft.. was very fun! This air line is the DOGZ Danglies!! Love Emrites! We sessioned on Bacardi and coke all the way to Dubai!

The flights back werent that great as it was a full plane and I had a normal seat which is no where as near as much room as the fire exit seats.

Bangkok – The hotel area

This was where we flew to so it was our first stop. We got taxi no problem from airport and went to the hotel. It was night here so was very busy and straight away I saw a culture change as i saw Elephants in the streets etc. We drove down lots of busy streets and finally came to our hotel.

Alot of the streets here are known as “SOI” and then a number. Kinda like how Avenues work in New York.

We stayed at the Le Fenix hotel which was situated right bang in the middle on Soi 11. Soi 6 etc were where all the nightlife was situated around so we were close. The hotel was very modern and the staff were sooo friendly.

It featured swimming pool, bar, underground parking, club opposite and free newspapers that were attached to scrolls. Some pics of the hotel are below as it looked awsome and was cheap!

Bangkok as a whole
This is a busy City. No one ever sleeps. KFC and Mcdonalds open 24/7 and deliver to your door. We lived on these most days and nights.  There menus are slightly different too. They serve bigger burgers (the 4 burger big mac is pictured below) in Mcdonalds and in KFC they feature meals with 2 drinks. If you walk the streets at night or at 2am in the morning you will notice lots of carts parked up on the pavement. They sell booze and noodles. Alot of the girls from the bars come here after their shifts. These are mainly for when bars and clubs close and those who are hardcore enough can go sit down next to these carts and continue to session.
Lots of fake watch shops. We bought Rolexs / Breitlinks etc from here for £20 each. They still work to this day and looked the part. Only thing that is not genuine about them is the weight of them.
Lots of fake T shirts for really cheap. I bought a few but once you wash them they will shrink!
Me and Bob rarely ever got to bed before 3-4am in Bangkok. This city never sleeps and we loved to drink! We were out at 6am in the morning once wandering the streets trying to find our hotel and we witnessed some gun shots in the middle of all these people. All the people quickly ran and so did we. Running when pissed and tired was not good for our body.
Bangkok is brilliant. I get tired quickly with alcohol, but something about this place made me stay up all the time. I think the fact that Mcdonalds was open 24/7 had alot to do with it hehe.
First night in Bangkok – Dave and Go go bars
The first night we were in bangkok we headed out.  We headed for Soi 6 where all the bars were to try out the famous “go go bars” to see what all the fuss was about. Our first obstacle was crossing the road. Its so feckin busy and theres tuk tuck, bikes and cars you gotta watch out for. After 5 mins of waiting this old English guy named “Dave” came up to us and said “youll never cross the road like that lads..just walk in front of them and they will stop as otherwsie they will have a court case on their hands” so we followed him across and got chatting to him. He was saying he lived there and new the place, however we wanted to explore ourselves and something about him suggested he may have wanted us to buy him a drink so we said thanks and fooked him off. We then went into one of the bars.. we got 2 beers both served in cooler sleeves and then sat down. Within 3 mins a girl was sitting next to you. Now to be honest we were still knackerd from the travelling and the fact she couldnt understand English that well pissed me off even more so basically me and Bob just talked to each other and she soon got the hint.
We then moved onto the other Go Go bars like Rainbow 6 etc. . everytime we went in one, Bob insisted that he talk to the managers just to get to know them – and the majority were lady boys so i rekon Bob liked that more! We went into one and saw that Dave chap we had met earlier. We chatted to him and he took us to this place where “apparantly” all the people go after their shift and chill out to a live band. We went in there and it was a good atmosphere. Apparantly there were no women “on the game” in there, however it was so easy to pull in there – literally just look at a girl and she would come over to you.  I had my suspicions about DAVE as there was something odd about him. Seemed like a scav. Sure enough when the bill came for all our drinks me and Bob offered to pay our share but he was expecting us to pay it all! Stupid fuck. So we fucked him off and left him with the Bill.
Tuk Tuks
In bangkok they are everywhere. We decided to get in one one of the day for a tour around the City. Little did we know that the “tour” would involve us going to 5 suit shops. We learnt that if we bought a suit the driver would get money off his fuel via coupon. We must have told him “no suit” a million times and still tried to take us to one. So basically our tour consisted of suit shops! We did however get to see some outskirts of Bangkok and experience a ride in a tuk tuk which is frightening in itself. You literally wine in and out of cars and have very little protecting you if you were to crash. For about 2 hours round the city i think it cost us like 50p. So still a bargain.
As soon as you say Thailand , one of the things you think of is ladyboys. One night we wandered around Soi 6 around where all the go go bars were and this stunning looking woman was sitting outside one. She came over to us and lured us into this bar.  She sat us down next to this guy getting jerked off. Now this in itself was different to all the other bars. . within minutes we had around 3 girls on top of us, one took her bra off and shoved her fake boobies in me face. Now even for Thailand this was abit too full on than other go go bars. Raising suspicion Bob spoke to the owner who revealed we were in a ladyboy bar! ahhh we ran out!People say you can always tell a ladyboy via Adams apple? Bull shit…some of these didnt have one.. you can tell either by their deep voice or 9/10 if their over the top in your face…then their a ladyboy!
Go go bars
There are many. Both in Koi Samui and Bangkok. Basically they consist of a bar, poles, music and pool tables!
You will get a drink, sit down and then either call a girl over of your choice or one will come over to you. English aint great. They will offer sex for an amount within minutes. Some will state an amount to spend the entire day with you.. surpsingly i think it was £40.. which is a bargain if you need your ironing doing, shopping collected etc :). Some have ping pong balls involved. You can purchase ping pong balls, you are surpposed to chuck them at the girls on stage and if they catch them then they exchange them for tips.. not really sure what you get out of it thow? Maybe their attention?
Most GO GO bars are the same, however we did wonder into this one where there were 2 older fat guys in them, and the girls looked unbelieveavbly young! Now Thai birds are naturally thin and young looking however these girls were over the top young looking. There boobs didnt even look proper developed. Feeling like we were amoung a peedophiles dream bar, we soon left.
You must visit go go bars. There a great laugh. You dont have to sleep with the girls, we spent most of our time having banter with them and playing pool with them. They are good company and if you dont wana take them back theres no hard feelings. I hate strip joints as i hate how strippers are so fake, however Thai birds /go go bars are great fun as they really do make you feel like a king and are so easy to get on with. They are happy to spend hours just chatting, drinking, playing games etc. I played connect 4 with many of them.
Pool tables in the go go bars
Some go go bars have pool tables. You will get approached by girls asking for a game. Most will loose their first game and play shit. They will then state if they win the next one , you buy them a drink and vice versa. The next game you will see the “true” bird. We got hustled a few times by birds who were shit until you betted a drink.. then all of a sudden they were good. Being keen pool players thow, we soon have them a run for their money. In Koi Samui I won around 3 drinks off this one birds as i beat her that many times haha. Read below for more info on that night as it was really fun.
You will get women approaching you asking for games of pool and they will play shit at first so you bet drinks..then they will kick your arse at pool.
Man United Bar In Bangkok – With Geogrie the owner!
There is only one ManU bar in BANGKOK, so not hard to find. It was on our street (Soi 11). Football players come here etc and has lots of memorabeelier of Manu in there. Since it was out of season, we were the only guys who came here regulary in the day to drink. They had regular happy hours on and the place was really clean with leather sofas etc. We spoke to the bar staff who we named Snappy and Jaws (snappy as he loved taking pics an Jaws as she had braces). They were really cool and friendly and had some good laughs with them. One day we were invited to the bar on the nigh as there was a Beauty pagent on. Newspapers  / rich folk would be there. Red carpet event. Naturally we decided to go. We got our posh shirts on and headed to the bar at night. This place was rammed. We found a spot next to the bar. Looking around we noticed all the folk were alot older than us and looked very rich. Lots of photographers were there too. We were given champagne. The owner (Georgie) came and sat next to us at one stage and got chatting to us. He was an older guy who you could tell he was abit of a wide boy but cool. Part of the beauty pagent involved random people being selected to give the finalist girls a rose. Georgie sent me up there with a rose and I had to give the winner one. I had pics taken. It was quite nerve racking since everyone was watching lol.
Once the pagent ended and people started going home, Georgie and his mate turned to me and Bob and asked us what we had planned for 2nite. We said nowt yet..he said well your coming with me then. We caught a taxi and he took us to this club that was on the outskirts of bangkok. We arrived and the first thing i noticed was the swimming pool. The club featured lots of girls on platforms dancing, and lots of Thai guys. Georgie told us this was a more “traditional” Thai place – away from all the commercialised places. Within minutes we had been escorted to a spot by the stage, we had our own bodyguard and waitress who Geogie ordered to keep bringing bottles of Whisky over and other spirits. It was clear to us that Georgie was rolling deep. He would grab me and Bob one by one, take us to a platform, ask us to choose what women we wanted and then would pay them to get off the stage and come dance with us by our section. By the end of the night we had around 3 girls each dancing around us.
At the end of the night the bill came – it was something stupid like £3,000. Me and Bob looked at each other and said we cant afford that. The best we could do is give him the equivalent to £20 each …little as it seemed, Georgie didnt mind. This was a great night as the atmosphere in this club was brilliant. Great music, great company, and lots of booze! I actually felt like a celebrity with the body guard! ha
Tiger Temple, Death railway and war camp
 There are many travel agents around Bangkok. We decided to do an excursion. We opted for the Tiger Temple and Death Railway trip. I have researched Tiger Temple beforehand and it seemed like a great experience to be able to touch fully grown tigers and have your pic taken with them. So we got up early, hoped onto the mini bus and they took us to this memorial ground where people died in the war. We got to see inside the bunkers which was different. We then went to the railway station where we awaiting our train. We did see a cub tiger tied up in a shop where people were paying to have pics with it, but we saved it for the Temple.
Our train came and it was a proper jungle style train that you see on films. You know the ones where there all hanging off of it on the outside as theres no room inside? We got on. Seats made of wood and toilet was just a hole in the floor. Now there was a reason why this was called “DEATH RAILWAY”. .. the railway line goes over a really steep hill where you can just see the drop on the one side. We put our heads out and it was rather scary! We cruised past lots of Jungle camps which was interesting. We stopped off at an elephant camp where you could ride the elephants. Bob had already done this in Indian and hated it so we didnt do it again.
It was quite a walk from the carpark to the actual temple. ON route we say wild wildebeasts just walking either side of us (atleast thats what they looked like). We had to sign this form stating that if a tiger rips our arm off then they are not held liable – well kinda said that! We were told that we culdnt show our legs either so wore combats. We were also told that whilst your cueing up to see the tigers, you will get approached by people offering to take pics of you etc. We just ignored them as they charge you money. You all wait in single file and when its your turn, a guide grabs your arm and leads you to the first tiger. He tells you where to place your hand, and then he takes the pic. Now there were about 4 – 5 fully grown tigers. They were chained up and some were asleep but not all of them! Although asleep / drugged , you still you have that element of fear that one of those feckers could just get up and attack at any moment. They were lovely creatures and was a great experience getting to touch there skin and stroking them.
We then went onto to see some cubs which were alot more livelier and doubt they were drugged. They were chained. I was about to have my pic taken with one, when one of the cubs decided to play bite the man next to him, ripping his shorts off. It was then that you realise how powerful the cubs are. The monks in Orange had to try and prise the jaw off the mans shorts as it was locked, and eventually the man got away. Again this was the cub play fighting, didnt seem like a vicious attack or anything.
I finally got the corage to get a picture of the Cub and me. Not sure if you can tell in this picture, but i was still thinking “just take the bloody picture so i can get away”.
We then headed back. All in all a great day out and saw some great things which will never be forgotten.
Koi Samui
The flight from Bangkok – Koi Samui
After spending a few days in Bangkok we then flew down to Koi Samui (south of Island). We had to catch what we call “a jungle” plane down south. They served these horrible rice burgers on the plane. Within about 30 mins we approached the Island. This place looked liked paradise. Parm trees everywhere. The run way was literally like a jungle. The airport only has one plane there so very small. We got off and walked threw the baggage area. This airport is almost like a wooden hut. Its very beautiful and clean. The toilets… pee in the Urinal and straight in front of you is a gorgeous fishtank! Ive been to some great airports in my life including the likes of Dubai, however this airport, because it was so small and cosy and beautiful is the best ive ever seen. We got a taxi to our hotel.
The hotel – Nora Chaweng Hotel
This place is situated on the main strip of Koi Samui. Was around £30 per person in a double room. The rooms were great. Great aircon – however Bob loved this more than me. He would literally blast the aircon in the room all night as he gets hotter quicker than me, so whilst i would freeze my tezzers off.. he would be sleeping sound!! Bumberclart!
Staff were great here, however i think they thought we were GAY as we were sharing same room?
Check out the pool here aswel, its great. Kinda under the building
Koi Samui – The beaches
The beaches here are amazing. We wandered down there every day. Bob couldnt stand the heat and kept carrying his tissue around to wipe his forehead – haha. The ocean is clear. Looks like the Carribean. One day we hired out canoes to go out in the sea. The canoes were great funand although we went quite far out, you could still see the bottom of the ocean!
There were many resturants on the sea front. We went to one and tried Thai Red and Yellow curry for the first time. We ordered one of each. It was amazing. Even Bob loved it and his picky about new foods! Everyone we encountered on the beach front were soooo friendly!
The Main Strip
Lots of shops  etc and guys holding animals such as Eagles, Monkeys and lizards. Ive never saw so many exotic animals!  Its just one long road /strip. Also lots of people selling fake watches but the quality was better in Bangkok!
We were by Chaweng beach and here there is an area called Green Mango Square. This is where all the clubs are. We did witness one bar here that advertised “CHEAP FUCK” on the door. We went there one night for a drink and it was proper horrible! Was dark and was the place you would get spiked then taken in the back to have your organs removed!
The main club you want to go to is Green Mango Club. This is a huge open area club where everyone tends to go. We were lucky to go to this place the night before the full moon party. There were lots of ravers and great music playing. Such a great atmosphere!
Bar ice
Bar Ice is one of the few “ICE BARS” around the world. They feature lots of things made of ice whilst you drink. We walked in and at first you are just in the normal bar area. When you pay they give you 2 Eskimo coats, 2 hats and gloves.
So heres the funky outfits:
You are then told to walk into a chamber. They seal the doors behind you and you walk threw into the Ice room. Everything was made of Ice. It was an amazing site to see. Surprinsgly its not that cold in there at all. We had our pics taken on the car statue in there. This place serves shots and a selected amount of drinks in glasses made of ice. This is deferneately worth a visit. We only stayed here about an hour, as after youve saw it youve saw it, and the prices of alcohol are more expensive.
Full Moon Party
Me and Bob had talked about attending a Full Moon Party for years. This year we finally got to experience one!
Booking was simple. There were lots of travel shops advertising transport over to Koi Phanghan where the party is held. We booked one that would take us in a truck to the pier, and then a speedboat would collect us and take us over to the island. Once booked in the day, we decided we wanted to get some props / outfits for the night. We wandered around and found some biker masks that looked like evil faces!
Night came and our transport (a small truck with seats in the back) arrived at our hotel. We got in and this is where we met Darren. Darren had been staying at our hotel aswel. He was a Londoner, had long black hair, beard  and generally looked like a rock n rolla, or a Cuban drug dealer! The first thing we noticed about Darren was that he had shades on when it was pitch black. Turns out he had a black eye. We got chatting to him on the way there and he told us how he had been in a rock club last night and had got in a fight with the bouncers over them not serving him drink. After chatting Darren told us how he would be meeting his mates on the Island, however wanted to follow us for a bit. It wasnt long until we realised Daz was similiar to us and a very funny chap so we agreed. We got to the pier. There were lots of people here all waiting for the boat. We got a drink at the bar whilst we waited. Luckily you had a coloured wristband, and depends on what wristband you had on decides on what boat you get on . Luckily for us our wristband was the first boat.
Luckily they allowed us to take our beers on the boat. We got on the boat and were given life jackets. The boat seated around 10 people. It was a proper speed boat! Now ever so often the driver quite fancied going faster, and with that meant wasves splashed over the sides on all of us. Cruising in the dark in a speedboat with everyone eager to get to the Island is quite the experience in itself. Was great fun on the boat. It took around 15 mins to get to the Island.
Once on the Island you get off and straight away we saw a Military barrier. This is where any bags etc are checked by soldiers! Luckily for bags = no check so we walked past them. Now I thought you would get to teh Island and the party would be right in front of you, however this is not the case. You have to walk around 10 mins up these roads. Whilst walking we could here the music and saw the signs pointing in the direction to go. We turned the corner and there it was..THE FULL MOOON PARTY! The beach was revealed, party goers everywhere, flame jugglers, drink, dancing, great music. It was all going on!  Now Dazza tried to locate his friends and said he would meet us in a certan place so whilst he did Bob got chatting to this “Thai woman”. This woman seemed really keen on Bob but looked older. I cant say too much as would embarrass Bob about this situation (haha) but i had a giggle and tease about this after.
Dazza came back to us alone and said he had saw his mates and decided to come hang with us for abit. We all went exploring the beach. Basically the beach has bars alongside it. There are about 8 Djs all playing music at the same time just in different sections of the beach. So if you started one end of the beach and walked to the other end, you would literally walk threw around 8 different Genres of music varying from Trance / funky house / electro house / house etc. Really great tunes! Walking down the beach we also saw a “SLEEPING” area which was literally just on the sand. Quite unique i thought but like fook would i go to sleep there.  We also purchased some top hats.. not sure why!
We also noticed lots of stalls on the beach selling Glow in the dark stuff and Alcohol! We decided to get a drink. Now these stalls are slightly weird. They serve alcohol in buckets! Each Stall tries to get you to buy it from them as apose to their competitor right next to them so you can haggle hard. One stall had “Cheap as Fuck booze” on its sign haha. There was anything from Bacardi – Whiskey there and softdrinks. The only dodgy thing is that when you decide the drink, they fill up your bottle behind the counter so you cant really see what their putting in. The bottle of barcardi are probably about 3 – 4 shots worth. So 2 cans of coke and a bacardi filled bucket and straw later, we were ready to start sessioning.
Walking around dancing on the beach to great music whilst drinking out of a bucket of alochol threw a straw was quite the experience. We went to some of the beach front bars and you can take your drinks with you. We got chatting to lots of people here inclusing Bin Laden and Sadam!
We walked along the beach and noticed the famous fire lit circle displaying “FULL MOON PARTY” and us 3 had our pic on it. We also came across one of the guys who had a lizard who tried to put the lizard on you so he could take a pic and make money.. we did this however i managed to get a sneaky pic of Daza but the guy didnt like this as you can tell in the pic lol
After a few hours we got really drunk! We were picking each other up dancing away and having an amazing time.Walking threw the crowds of people and people were stopping us having a pic with our masks. They were very scary!
It wasnt long that me and Bob looked around and we saw the Sun rise. This was so weird as we had no idea where that time had gone. It was now about 6am in the morning.. we werent even that knackerd. We then caught the last boat back to the island (7am). Once on the Island we got on a truck again and took us back to the main strip.
We went to Mcdonalds and thats when it hit us. We were knackerd! This is what we looked like!
I then got a coffee we stumbled back and i was shaking that much that i was spilling my coffee everywhere. Not sure what caused the shakes..maybe it was my body telling me to slow the fuck down with drinking lol
Pats Bar
In Koi Samui we went to lots of go go bars, but there was one that was the best one. It was very queit inside and was owned by a woman / man called Pat. Now I saw both genders as were still abit unsure as to what she was however nether the less she was amazing.
We played pool here each night. The girls would try and hustle us and get us to bet on drinks. We did and we kept winning. The poor girls had to keep buying us drinks lol. We had also noticed this bar featured “The Bell”. Now we had read up the bell in some go go bars. What it means is that if you ring it, you are offering everyone in that bar a free drink. Now Dazza came with us to this bar and after we were all pissed he decided it would be funny to get up on the bar and ring the shit out of this bell. .. luckily there was only us in the bar plus the girls and we soon made him buy our drinks haha. We also had them write our names on our wrists in Thai… they looked like tattoos!!     
Now these girls did stay with us a long time (prob cuz we were the only guys in there) and there was one girl that Dazza kept taking back to his from this bar. Now Daz being Daz requested some Bon Jovi music to be played. He started doing air guitar with the cue and at the end of the song he slammed the cue down on the floor in a “rocker like” should have saw the look on the girl who had slept with previouslys face!!! She looked so scared ..think she was worried as she knew Daz would probably wana take her back again.. probably thought he was going to beat the shit out of her or something lol.
Pat was a great contact for us. Shes on our facebook and we regulary keep in contact with her as she stated if we go over again she will sort us out drinks, accomodation and tours etc. She is a great person and very friendly.
 This trip was out of this world.  I would love to come here again as there is so much to do. Unforutnately on the way back home we didnt have the great legroom seats and the plane was full, however atleast we got a great trip there.
The people we met, the place itself, and the unique things about this place makes it my favourite place so far.
People did state how cheap Thailand was howeevr it wasnt that cheap. The exchange rate was 50 Bahts = £1. Drinks worked out to be around £3 for a bottle and food was about £5 so not as cheap as everyone makes out (however these people did go years before i went so maybe cheaper back then).
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