Rate out of 10:  3 – not that much to do here. Beer is cheap but gives you the shits.

Funniest /most memorable moment: having to take a shite in a club bathroom without any lock on the door, no toilet seat and sandpaper for bog role!


Right this place is a bit different from others ive visited.

There were 4 of us.. Me, Bob, Tigsey and Raj.

We decided to come away here for a weekend as heard it was cheap licker etc and I wanted to visit the place that the film  Hostel was situated ha.

It was a place with lots of small alley ways and small coffee shops. We ventured into a few bars that were under the city. Literally some of them looked like old air raid shelters.. pretty eerie. Nether the less the licker was cheap..but mainly cuz it was their own. The local beer there cost about 80p for a pint…but this stuff is lethal!. It is 12% (the only lager i know which is that high is Staraprama) ..this was not good!

80p a pint and it gets you pissed – whats wrong with that i hear you shout..well to put it bluntely…IT GIVES YOU THE SHITS!

I have never spent so much time on the toilet and it wasnt just me but me mates too. Really runny they were!  I had a bad experience in one of the clubs where i really needed to go..ran to the toilet… then noticed the one toilet there had no toilet seat..then noticed it had no lock on the door…then noticed there were paper towels as toilet paper!! but still i had to take a shite with one foot pinned against the door whilst squatting!  We did not want to keep paying for all the bog roll we used in the apartment, so instead nipped to the kebab shop next door and took their toilet roll instead.

Theres not much night life here..mainly bars.  One thing we did notice is how it seems that there is “another” underground scene going on here. Whenever we saw a beautiful woman it wasnt long until a few muscle-bound guys in leather jackets approached her and whisked her off somewhere. Oh and they all drove these black Mercedes! Some say it was the  Mafia other say it’s another group. Nether the less there was never a moment that a good-looking woman would be sitting at the bar having a drink at night without these guys being around her within a few minutes.

Some people had reviewed this place beforehand and stated they witnessed lots of scenarios of muggers /people being robbed by bouncers etc..we experienced none of this. If anything we actually made friends with some of the one stage we bought one a drink and he stayed chatting with us all night.

The city itself is quite beautiful. Has some great statues.. one of which is featured in the top 10 weirdest statues of the world. Its name is “Man at work” and looks like an old Sewer worker crawling from beneath. I had my picture taken by it.  There are also other interesting statues dotted around the City that we had to have our pics taken with.



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