Dublin was one of those places that you go to, and it is so unique you want to keep going again and again. In all I have been here around 8 times now. This page is constantly being updated with the stuff ive done everytime I go. This place amazes me!


The “1916 Rise of the Rebels” Tourbus

Cost: 15 euros each (groupon)

So this is one of the more recent things I did in Dublin. It was Angs first time here with me so I wanted to experience some new things with her. We waited for the tour bus and it arrived.. It looked pretty amazing from the outside. The inside was even better as it was all done out like rubble special effects. The lower ground had been done out kinda like a bunker I guess, with fake people in it to set the scene.


We were then wisked away on the road and greeted by our actors who re-inacted a scene of the start of when the Rebels decided to stand up for there rights and go against the English whilst WW1 was happening. They were fully dressed in uniforms, they also had things going off on the speakers of gun shots etc to create the scene. We would stop at certain points, where we would get out and they would tell us where the rebels fort, and how there are still bullet holes on certain buildings. We then went on a short walking tour around streets to trace the footsteps of where the rebels held their ground. We would then jump back on the bus onto the next desination.


If honest the tour only last about 1.5 hours and it was really good. I dont pay attention alot to things, however this grabbed my attention and was interesting. Actors were good too. Still amazes me how they decorated this bus. We even managed to get a sneaky pic with the actors whilst we held guns hehehe.


The “Gravedigger Tour Bus

Cost: 15 euros each

So this was more to get you abit scared and abit of fun on the night. The bus arrived and this time it was a horror bus.  First thing I noticed was the driver. .. he was abit odd looking.



We were greeted by an old dude and as we entered the bottom of the bus there was a curtain. The bottom deck was all done out in rubble and graveyard stuff  and we made our way upstairs, however on our way up we got scared by a lerking lady at the bottom as she proded us!

We made our way up to top deck which was all blacked out. We started to move and since there was black curtains on the windows, we had no idea where we were going.. The tour had now begun!

Our guide then made his entrance by running up the stairs and shouting. Made us jump! He was a ghoulish looking character, very funny. He then proceeded to tell us horror stories of Dublin, oh and offered us the chance to drink “sewage water” from a bottle.. which I did.. tasted of watered down schnapps!

We would then stop off and he took us to a side of a church where he told rumors

of a murderer who would lerk around dressed up as a pig. As we were told to make our way back to the bus, a women dressed as pig came running around the corner squealing!!! ahhh so many scares lol

Obviously at this stage, we knew there was 2 of them part of the act. We met the women later on in the tour outside as she chased off our Ghoulish guide. She would tell us how she witnessed people being tortured. One method was to have all their limbs ripped off and shown to them as they were alive… YAK!

As we entered the bus, there was a 3rd accomplish who put his hand on your shoulder dressed in black!!! He must have been the driver.

We eventually ended up next to a graveyard where we had a free orange and vodka drink at the “Graveyard Pub”. We stayed here for a swift one then headed back on the bus.  This tour was really good. I didn’t know if what they were telling us was myth or actual fact or just part of the whole “tour”, however I didn’t mind as the actors were funny and the whole 1.5 hours was entertaining. Deffo Recommend.


Cheese inside Chips aka Million Dollar Fries

Cost: 6.50 Euros

So I had heard about a debate on Radio one about how people like cheese on their chips, and someone had called in stated they had been somewhere in Dublin where you can try cheese inside chips.. I had to find out where this place was.

I hunted it down online and found out the place was called “The Bear”. It was quite posh inside.

I didn’t want to eat a full meal there, just wanted to try these chips. We found out that they didn’t serve them until after 4pm.. So we went back and got served them and they were thicker than what id had in my head.

Now I had to taste these feckers to see what this amazing reciepe was.. now I took a bite and erm..it wasnt as I expected. If someone told you there was cheese inside a chip, then you’d expect to see cheese inside right? Well in actual fact this is what I saw.



I didnt really taste any cheese, It was more like herby potato, but when I asked the bloke confirmed Blue Cheese was one of the ingredients.  I polished them off, and if honest these arent really a side dish unless your sharing as they filled me up on their own! They were nice…not really what I expected and wouldnt say they were amazing. Cant say id recommend them as for 6.50 euros I think there abit pricey. So the hunt for a “true cheesey chip” is still on!



The Zoo

Went to the Zoo with Becs. We opted to pay for the tour bus as it was quite a treck from the city center. To be honest the zoo is ok, but weve been to that many now that they are all the same. The main good part to this zoo is that it has a huge area where Wilder beasts, zebras and Giraffes are left to roam together, so its kinda like a Safari environment. Never saw this at a Zoo before so quite cool.



This place is the Dogs Bollox of Dublin. Still my favourite bar of all time. We had been recommended to come here when me and Bob came here for the first time. It is situated right in the center of temple bar. You will notice it as it has lots of different flags stuck on the outside of it.

The building inside is amazing. Theres 3 bars and 4 rooms including the resturant. Thereare 2 staircases and 2 smoking areas. Its great as so many different places you can go inside it. During the day this place is really quiet. They have Irish bands on here. You will notice lots of old bikes, old lanterns hung up on the ceilings etc to give it that “rustic old” feel.

At night this place comes alive!

The ground floor is most bussiest as thats he bar you enter coming off the street. They play corny 80s music here and this is where you get lots of the drunken locals too. Mine and Bobs first time here the staff were going around offering free chicken strippers with tomo sauce – a nice touch.

The 2nd floor has to ways in which you can get to it. One is the stairs from the ground bar up.

See if you can locate the hidden toilet on the 2nd floor. If you do its brilliant lots of room :). Me and Bec purchased Gogherty caps in there too to show our appreciation.



Temple Bar

This is the heart of Dublin. Its one street close to the River Lilffy. Its streets are cobbled and there are lots of bars on the street. The majorty of the bars are old traditional bars therefore feature live bands in them. Personally I still favour Goghertys on this street and avoid “Temple bar” bar as its kinda dull and dark in there. This street is one of the places to be. The other nightlife is situated the other side of the river. Thats on the river front. Attractions like the Guinness factory etc are all in walking distance of Temple bar.


Halloween in Dublin

We heard that Halloween had originated from Ireland therefore one year me and 3 mates decided to get an apartment and see what its like here.

It was Halloween and we setout to temple bar dressed as Grim reapers and ghouls. We had bin liners and cloaks combined to create the effect. I placed blood on my little Scythe tool. This is what we all looked like:



We headed out into the town. We walked out of the apartment and since we were on the other side of the river we walked about 10 mins to Temple Bar. On our way we saw a few people dressed up, but nothing compared to what was about to come!

It was around 9pm and we walked down the alley that led to the opening of Temple bar street and we all turned onto Temple bar and then….. WOWZA!!! PEOPLE GALORE! Hundred of people were dressed up in the streets, people were out just to take pics of those dressed up. We were mobbed by paparatzi style tourists asking to have pics with us etc. We couldnt walk 2 mins without being stopped. It felt amazing. We could tell the bars were full of other like minded people dressing up but not too full you couldnt get in.

One bar hosed a competition as to who was the best dressed, we walked in however couldnt be arsed to stick around so left.. however great costumes in there.

We ended up in Goghertys where it was rammed with lots of fancy dress costumes. It was amazing. There were scary clowns, ghouls, ghost, priests, top gun, millk cartons all sorts there. I seperated from the group at one stage as i saw this nice looking woman at the bar from behind so decided to stand behind her and wait to get served.. she turned around looking beautiful only to smile at me and say hello… this is how i met Becci my gf 🙂 She was dressed in green with a wound on her face. Looked rather sexy in some weird way. Now we talked for ages about travelling and her trip to New York and my trips away. She got dragged away by her friend Kerry but not before she gave me a kiss.. she then came back shortly after as her mates werent leaving yet for another kiss :). This is what she looked like that night and her mates.

She then left and i rejoined my friends. We continued to session threw the night. On our way back we hid behind walls scaring people, chased a chinse woman down the street and then went back to the apartment. When we got back we messed around in our costumes again trying to scare anyone who walked past our apartment – it was fun at the time. Heres some of our poses we did that night.


Halloween in Dublin is a must. It was the best Halloween ever there. Such a great atmosphere and everyone there was out for a good time.

The Lepracaun Museum

One of the trips to Dublin i went with Becci. One of the attractions was the Lepracaun Museum. As you can imagine its exactly what it says on the tin.. a Museum devoted to Lepracauns. You start off where the guide talks you threw what will happen, and then a secret passage way is revealed and you walk threw it into the next room. This room is the cool room where you are small. All the furniture is mahoozive! It was quite dark in there so adds to it being Mysterious. This room is meant to make you realise what it feels like to be small. We climbed on some of the chairs and had our picture taken

Now once you have had a few pics, you do look around and notice there are no doors. . so where the hell do you go next.. this is after looking around for some time you figure out where the secret passage is.. its under the stair case . This Passage goes into the other room. Here you can see lots of Museum things about Lepracauns. You then go into a forest area where the guide tells you more stories. The last room is the shop, but wait its not over yet.. they ask you to draw a picture of a Leprechaun. Me and Bec had to do it.. we did it and then the lady placed it on the wall for all to see. We were also featured on the Facebook page (i think everyone was but still felt good lol)

These were our Leprechauns. Mine has a red hat as apparently Leprechauns hats were red not green and it was the media that changed them.. kinda like what happened to Santa and his original red coat 🙂

This is a must. It is a very short tour but some cool things along the way. Good place to have some cool snaps.


The Guinness Factory

This is one of those places that if you go to Dublin you must visit. I first came here on my first trip here with Bob. Now we walked it here and had no idea where it was. On the way there was a busy road that we had to cross. The lights went red and so Bob walked across, now i noticed that the cars etc were trying to beat the red light and were still moving so i stopped.. within seconds Bob had gone and i heard this crash noise. A Jamie Oliver style scooter had run the red light and saw bob in front of him and swerved out the way only to tumble on the floor. The driver was not too pleased but luckily Bob wasn’t hurt however pretended to be. The scooter wouldn’t start but who gave a fuck.. the man shouldn’t have ran the red light.

Anyways, we finally found the factory. It costs abit to get in. You basically walk threw and it tells you how Guinness originated and how its made.. if im honest,.it gets boring after a while. They do allow you to try a shot of the stuff its made of which broke it up abit. When you get near the top they allow you to have a crack at pouring your own pint, you can then get the lift up to the Gravity bar which overlooks all of Dublin. In your ticket price there is also a free pint of Guinness or you can have orange juice lol. The views up here are great. Guinness factory is a must do, however wouldn’t go back there.


Dublin Castle

This castle confused me and Bob. It literally is at the back of Temple bar. Its kinda a new and old castle. We walked in the ground and inside and to be fair we weren’t impressed. I guess its cuz we are too lads, we look for guns, draw bridges and towers for archers etc.. however this didnt have any of that. It was pretty simple. We were used to the likes of Warwick castle etc but this isnt that impressive. It is weird tho as its half old and half new as you can see in the 2nd picture. The right hand side is the old part, but the left is made of newer white brick.


The Viking Museum

Me and Bob wento this museum. There is alot of history around Dublin, and one of which involved Vikings. Now this and the Viking splash tour below are brilliant. This museum features those wax made people kinda places where you travel threw time. You get to try on a few of the outfits and have some cool pics. You walk threw the likes of old towns listening to background noise of how it used to be back then. Now im a great lover of these kinda places. I love it when they dress up wax statues and you hear the sounds of olden times in the background to create an atmosphere. This is a great museum and in the more outskirts part of Dublin.


Viking Splash Tours – http://www.vikingsplash.com/

Now if you go to Dublin and walk around, ever so often you will hear great roars coming from somewhere.. you will turn around and you will see a HUGE bright yellow bus / tank like vehicle seating many people in it with Viking hats on. This is a must. I went to Dublin with my Dad and we both went on. You place your viking hats on and then your guide gets on the microphone. He tells you that you are now Vikings. You dont like big red buses, you dont like people in coffee shops, you dont like groups of people full stop, and everytime he gives the go ahead, we all roar at these people as we drive past. As he drives he tells you all about the history of Dublin whilst driving around the most well know parts of the City. Our driver / guide was really funny. He was fattish with glasses and was hullarious.

Now whilst your cruising he tells you that the vehicle your in was used in Wolrd War 2. It was one of the vehicles used to transfer troops from water to land. Now at one point in the tour they stop at the river and give you all life jackets. The tank then turns into a boat – quite clever.

You cruise along the River Liffey where again you have a traditional tour of the river including a huge ship thats parked up with one side all rusty and the other side freshly painted – apparantly cuz residents complained the ship looked ugly from their window so they had to paint the one side nice ha,.

You then go back on land where the boat goes back into the tank and they take you back to your starting point which is St Davids Green. This trip is a deferante. I would defernately go on this again.. especially after a few bevies as its a real laugh and allows you to scream and roar at passers by who some of them jump like crazy and its funny to see haha. These tours you must book before you come here as its not a case of you just turning up on the day. We tried that beforehand and they were full.. so when i came with my Dad i made sure it was pre booked via website.


The Kilmainham Gaol Prison

I was away in Dublin on the first Buffalo Soldier tour. The four of us had heard about this prison that was in Dublin so had to find it. We caught a bus that took us there. Its a huge prison where you can walk around and learn about what used to happen there. There is also a part where you get to go into the cells and witness those huge areas where prisoners used to hang out. This was my first prison experience and it was great. You could sit in the cells and get a sense to feel how bad it was in there with only a small window to look out of. The guide told us that apparantly U2 had fimed their “A Celebration” video here. Thsi place was abit of a trek away from everything else, however worth it jsut to experience a prison without the in mates.



Dublin is one of my favourite places ever. When i first came here with Bob i never expected to like this place so much and since then have been about 5 – 6 times over the last 3 years. The great thing about this place is if you wonder around the main center you will see statues of folk that used to exist according to the Irish tales and then you will go into a local bar and hear a band singing about the statue / person youve just saw. For example the statue of Molly Malone selling her cockles and Mussels and then followed by you hearing the story behind this woman sang in an Irish tune is amazing. This place has a very “Homly” place too it. The Irish bar people are friendly as hell, and I think cuz the music played is unique to Ireland, it makes it that extra bit special. I am so proud to be Southern Irish after visiting places like Dublin. I love the music and the atmosphere is out of this world. The bands get you all joining in with the songs, it really gives you a sense as to what it was like in the olden days where people used to dance and join in with the band.. none of this DJ Dance shite that they have now. This is why Goghertys is my favourite bar, as it has so many unique ornaments and decorations about that on top of featuring some of the best bands ive EVER heard in my life. The amount of good times ive had here is amazing.


Current count for Dublin

1 – Bob
2 – Buffalo soldiers
2 – Halloween
3 – Bec anniversary
4 – Dad
5 – Arthurs day (2012)
6 – Family (2013)
7 – Xmas (2014)
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