Rate out of 10:  4 – The festival was way too rammed and therefore lots of cueing to get into any bar. You sober up as you wait so long.

Funniest /most memorable moment: Dressing up in Lederhosen, eating a meter long hot dog and mine and Becs first time camping abroad together.

Cost: £169 each

Duration: 5 days (2 days spent travelling and 3 days at festival)


This festival was one of those festivals you must go to , to try it out.

I managed to find a great deal online via festivaladventures.com . This involved transport to and from the festival and camping.

We got ourselves packed and ready. This was my first time using my new travelling rucksack that Bec got me. It was cool but heavy. I think i packed to much. We had to get to London by train and meet in the set pub location for pick up.

We got outselves some Jupiler Lager and we were on our way!

For starters the coach journey killed us. Travelling 12 hours from Dover – Munich was a wounder.

Along the way the service stations are “pay to use” toilets. So you pay like 50p and they give you a token where you get 10% of an instore purchase – abit random.

The campsite (Campingplatz Thalkirchen )

We arrived and straight away it was noticible that there were many nationalities here. Our tents were all situated in a small area of the campsite devoted to Festival Adventures. Festival advetures did have their own “tent” place to hang aswel in this section. The tents were smell 2 man tents, but enough room for you to move around. They also came with sleeping bags.

The campsite has lots of toilets and showers on it. It has vending machines serving beer cans for 3.50 euros each and onlsite warm food like pizza etc. This place was ok, nothing special and mainly targeted at groups of lads for pissups. There were no toilet seats in the toilets as apparanly people were stealing them lol.

The shower wait in the morning was bad. Waited over an hour at one point. You also have to purchase tokens to use the shower. I think they were 1 euro each for 10 mins or something like that. I didnt use many tokens thow.

The only problem with this site was that people (especially the Italians) stayed up really late and you could hear them a mile away singing etc – but to be fair cant complain about that as Oktoberfest features lots of young people. Also we did have alot of SNORERS around by us.. ahh one night it took me 2-3 hours to get asleep!

This site operates a shuttle bus thats free for Festival Adventures. It leaves the site around 3 times a day. That was well planned and picks up up at a good point by the festival grounds too. There was a seating area at the front of the campsite which had beers that you could buy from dispencer machines, and food that was hot. Bec found Pepsi in a bottle. . oh and she bought her Balamoray cup with her! They also gave us Festival Adventures T Shirts.

We wondered out the ground of the campsite and found a place by the river where people were surfing on the waves of a river. This was cool to watch and people as little as 10 years old were doing it.

The Festival

Prior to coming here we had bought outfits to go out in. I had my Lederhosen and Bec had her womans outfit for the festival. Dressed for the occasion we finally got an early shuttle bus and off to the festival we went.

A short walk once off the shuttle led us to the opening of OKTOBERFEST!. This place is HUGE. The first thing you notice is the huge ferice wheel and huge amounts of tents.

This is one of the biggest festivals I have ever seen.  We walked in and straight away we saw the “BEER TENTS” as there known as. Bascailly these are HUGE buildings that feature the live bands and lots of BEER and women waitresses dressed in the traditional gear. NOW this is what they dont tell you much about on the internet etc…. prepare to cue for hours to get in! Put it this way me and Bec ONLY got into ONE beer tent the entire time we were in Munich. We were cueing for ages and it seems the bouncers pick and choose who they want to go in.


Once in you have to find a table otherwise you will not get served! The tables are like HUGE picnic tables. We found spare spaces on this huge table next to these elderly group. We sat down and then the next obstacle was ordering the Beer. The menu has lots of drinks on it and food however…ALL IN GERMAN! not sure why they do this since it would make more sense you putting it in English as the majority of Foreigners who go there understand English more than GERMAN? Anyways after having a chat with the waitress we ordered the Steins. Bec had her wine. Had pic taken with waitress. The steins are great. It was a hot day so drinking beer etc on a hot day in Munich was a great feeling. It wasnt long until we started speaking to the German party next to us. I tested my German out on there.. telling them things like my age, and asking them “HOW ARE YOU”.. thats about as far as my German goes. They were nice people and taught us new words like “Prost” which means cheers in German. We all clincked our glasses together. It was then that it sunk in where we were.  Whilst chatting we noticed ever so often tunes like “we will rock you” were sang by everyone in the crowds and everyone joined in hitting their glasses against the table.

The German party then left us and some South Korean people joined us. There were 3 of them. 2 women one guy. Their names were  ByungGab Kim, Ohjoo Kwon, Soorim Joh. They were good fun. Taught us some of their language and told them about me and Bec. I then decided to get one to tattoo my name on my shoulder in their language – as you do. It was that time that we decided to have a look around more at the festival so we left them.

We went inside the actaul Beer Tent huge building. We saw a live band but boy was this place hectic inside! There were no free tables in side and lots of drunk guys everywhere. To be fair its worth for the experience but not the nicest place to take ya mrs. Since we couldnt get served inside here we decided to leave.

We hit the rides section and went on the Rollercoasters, and the big wheel. The Rollar coaster had about 4-5 upside down loops on it –  a rarety in fairground rides. We also hit the feris wheel at knight which was nice. I did win Bec a teddy, however later on soon realised he was Homosexual!

You will find that if you look around there are places you can drink without having to go in one of these tents, however they tend to serve “unusaul” tasting beer. Mine was cloudy but strong.

The buildings were amaziong in ths festival. The exterior looks great. Its just such a shame that they are so strict on letting people in on them.

The prices of the drinks was alot. About 11 euros per stein. A stein is about 2 pints so about 5.50 a pint.


Dotted around the festival were lots of food places. One thing i must say about this place is that the FOOD is amazing. I wanted to go to Germany and experience different types of sausges and i did. One of which was not a foot long, but a meter long hot dog! Check this out:

We also found a place that served fresh roasted chicken on a skew.. that was gorgeous.  One of the days we found a resturant just out of the camping site. I ordered a Snitzel to see what it was like. Basiclaly looked like a huge turkey burger thing, but had a unique taste. It was very salty however would deffo have it again.

Overall Oktoberfest is one of those places thats worth the visit however wouldnt go back there. Its not that different to standard beer festival really. Its pricey when inside and all the problem we had is that you would get yourself on a charge via alcohol and then you would spend so long cueing to get in another tent that it would have worn off so you gotta start all over.  I think its designed for you to stay in 1 or 2 bars. Dont expect to be able to do the rounds in each Beer tent in one day – it just wont happen. Even if there was a group of you i dont feel it would have made alot of difference as again, not much different from a UK based festival. I also packed way too much. I hardely even wore half the stuff.

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