Rate out of 10:  4 – Its food is nice and the likes of the Eiffel tower are impressive. Found the people rude and Graffiti on alot of the city walls.

Funniest /most memorable moment: Trying to eat Snails for the first time with the weird cooklery


Went to Paris on one of those coach tours for 3-4 days.  There were certain things I wanted to do here and see and this tour bus covered them all.

We stayed at the Hilton hotel near the bus station. First thing I witnessed there was the traffic. It was mental!

One of the days we decided to avoid the tour that the others were going on as it was just around art galleries. We decided to go to Disney instead. We caught the Disney bus from the coach station.I was automatically comparing it to Disney World in Florida. It’s not as big. The rides there are cool and they have the normal parades they have at Disney.


The next day we visited the likes of the Eiffel Tower. We didn’t go up it as the cue was too big and to be honest I wasn’t that fussed about going up it..just wanted to see it. One thing’s for sure the shops around the Eiffel tower don’t seem to sell “real food!”.. just baguettes.. I wanted a full meal and struggled. Oh and I know a lot of people say it but I can confirm … A LOT OF THE FRENCH ARE RUDE.. Especially around the Eiffel tower area.


We also went on a day trip to see the fountains and churches.

Later on we went to the Latin Quarter to see the Notre Dame and have some food. Notre Dame is amazing to see. . didn’t see the Huntchback thow! We then ventured into the Latin quarter restaurant area. We say a billboard with “3 courses for 15 Euros” on it.. so naturally I insisted that we go in hehe. Gorgeous food and wine.

The coach then collected us and took us to the Eiffel Tower again only now it was night time. The tour guide insisted that we go there towards midnight. He wouldn’t say why. He kept telling us to look at the tower and see what happens at night (I was thining all sorts.. maybe it will shoot off into space, maybe it will transform into a huge club) what happened was actually quite magical.. it lights up like a Christmas tree . Lots of twinkling lights. It does this for about 2 minutes every night. It looks amazing!

The next evening we went to one of those sit down dinners with entertainers. There was a guy on guitar and a guy on an accordion going around singing soungs whilst you eat. I decided to try snails here! They were in a garlic butter sauce. They gave me cutlery which looked weird. I didn’t know how the hell I was supposed to get the snalls out of the shell. After hopelessly trying to prod the snails, a guy told me I needed to scoop them out with the small fork. They tasted like chewy steak! Actually really nice!

Overal paris is an “alright” city. Its said to be one of the most romantic Cities in the world, however I beg to differ. Lots of graffiti and rude people isn’t my idea of a Romantic City. There is a lot of amazing architecture there however just not my kinda place.

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