We actually came here on our mate Kevs stag due. We came for a weekend.

Me and Bob liking our travels etc didnt really want to spend all day drinking in the same old bars so we only stayed with the stage group for abit then ventured onto our own thing.

The flight

Took about 2 hours. We went via Ryan air again (whoop whoop). Me and Bob had sneaked some beer on the place from the bar in the airport. We were at the front of the plane and the rest of the stag party were at the back. I needed a bottle opener so took me beer down to the back to get Mart to open it. As i walked back it was announced on the tanoy “may we remind passengers you are not allowed to bring alcohol onto this aircraft and if caught doing so you may be fined”.. so that was basically saying “you there with the bottle opener, chuck that effin beer away or we will fuck you over”.. i quietly sat down but in no way was i about to give up me beer. We cleverly bought a can of coke and 2 cups and poured the alcohol in the cups…since the air hostesses didnt see us drinking from bottles, they could no longer tell us off 🙂


We stayed in the center of Prague. Very oldy worldy town it is. Some impressive statues in the mainquare that look  like Lord of the rings style statues.

After wondering around witnessing the stautes and old buildings we soon realised there wasnt that much to entertain us in the day so actually resulted in drinking.


This place comes alive at night. You have your normal Drug dealers on the corners, and promo guys for strip joints. One thing I will say…if you like strip joints then come here.. this place is full of them – and by all accounts its not only stripping they do!

We left the stag due in a strip joint and decided to wonder to some other clubs. On our wait out of one bar we noticed these 2 guys and girl walking and somehow got chatting to them,. It wasnt long until they decided to take us under their wing and “show us the sites”. We soon found out the girl was with one of the guys, and the other guy was a mate. They took us to this underground club that featured higher class people in there, however we soon learnt people were doing lots of sniffy sniffy in there.  We left with just the couple and left their mate there.

They took us Harleys bar which seemed to be the place to be here in Prague. It was underground and featured a good mixture crowd. The atmosphere was great and the people were too. We got chatting to some other Brits in there. Everyone seemed friendly. We sessioned with the couple – who may I add were super cool. Caroline was so funny as she had a “childish” sense of humour and very lively.

Prague as a place to visit is good for stags. I would not bring my Mrs here. I was abit bored in the day , however the night life is an experience. We were even offered a limo by a promo girl to take us to Darlings which is a HUGE strip joint. We liked the Limo idea however the rest of the Stag party all prefered to go to Red peppers i think it was called – which may i add was wank! SO we missed out on the free limo 😦

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